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Why Your 4WD Needs a Snorkel

Aside from the aesthetic appeal it provides, the advantages of a 4WD snorkel include better performance, increased fuel efficiency, and less wear and tear. The snorkel’s elevated position allows a vehicle to take in cooler, cleaner air, and it keeps water and dust from getting into the engine when you’re crossing a river, stream, or desert. Here, you’ll learn why your truck needs a snorkel.

Increased Engine Efficiency and Performance

Whether you’re going on- or off-road, a stainless steel snorkel will make your engine run more efficiently. As mentioned above, the snorkel will bring in clean, cool air. Without a snorkel, all that dirt, dust, and grease will build up on the outside of your engine, making it look unsightly and increasing the risk of overheating. With a snorkel, you’ll have performance and power when you need it most.

Keeping Dust Out of the Engine

We know how crucial PPE (personal protective equipment) is to our health and safety, and a snorkel works in much the same way for your 4WD’s engine. For an internal combustion engine that needs a blend of fuel and oxygen, it’s easy to imagine what dirt and dust would do to the engine’s internal components. A snorkel is like personal protective equipment for your 4×4 vehicle!

Improving Fuel Efficiency

A steel snorkel prevents water and dust from getting into the engine, and there are several types and brands for various vehicles and off-road uses. These snorkels are typically installed at the roof’s height, which allows the snorkel to take in cool and clean air that helps your engine run more efficiently and keeps your air filter clean.

Low Maintenance Requirements

When the air your engine takes in is cleaner, your air filter will stay in better condition, and your engine will need less maintenance because it will experience less wear and tear.

Whether you’re on the trail or on the road, a steel snorkel is one of the best ways to get pure, clean air into your vehicle’s engine. Even if you’re not riding through the water, a snorkel will still improve your 4×4’s performance and efficiency in dusty or rainy conditions.

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