Why the best forestry tires come from Finland


This comes from Nokian Tyres having decades of experience from forestry tires and working very closely with both its customers and the equipment manufacturers. Finland has a lot of forestry industry and it is mostly in the hilly parts of North Finland. Being a true four-season country, Finland will see all four seasons during the year and the winters can be quite tough. Nokian Tyres have been innovative and were the inventor of winter tires, which back in the days was first developed for trucks. This innovative approach and problem solving nature has continued as they are constantly trying to develop the best forestry tires for challenging applications. 

In Finland the have good manufacturers of forestry equipment that Nokian Tyres can work closely with to develop the best tires that can handle the steep hills regardless if there is mud or snow. The main focus in Finland is on cut to length forestry, so the main tires in their segment focuses on tires for this segment. They are known for their extremely high quality tires that are of highest durability providing long service life in challenging conditions. They can get the work done in any weather condition regardless if it is summer or winter that you will need to work.

In the forest you might need tracks or chains to gain extra traction when maneuvering through different conditions. When tracks are not possible, you might want to go for their radial tire that provides some of the best traction both with and without tracks, while being extremely durable as it has an amazing amount of steel that it has to protect the tire and sidewalls from any puncture. The radial tires provide some of the best driving comfort that means that the equipment can move at a higher speed and increase productivity. 

They also have tires for full tree harvesting, where they have some logger tires for the biggest machines when it comes to skidders. Since skidders will drag the trees through the forest, they need to have some of the best traction and have to be able to get through the different terrains that you find in the forest. With self-cleaning properties and very good traction on mud.

As with all the forestry tires, is that you will need to make sure that the tires are extremely durable, as breakdowns deep in the forest can be difficult and expensive to attend to. It can also cause quite lengthy delays to the work. To minimize the risk for this requires that you get the best possible tires as well as have a good proactive maintenance program in place to ensure that the tires are checked for damages on a daily basis and that the tread and tire pressure is checked regularly. Extra traction can be achieved through chains; tracks or ballasting and you can even use their radial tires, which are the only ones on the market. 

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