Why should you buy the new Audi Q8?

With the launch of the Audi Q8, the Q-family got bigger. The vehicle offers a versatile SUV and a combination of 4 door luxury coupe. Are you noticing how we see those four rings more often nowadays? Audi sales have increased exponentially in recent years. You cannot say it is just because of how fashionable the car is, but it is the influence of the trends on consumers’ aspirations. Keep reading to see why you must buy the new Audi Q8.

What’s good about the new Audi Q8?

The Audi’s flagship SUV offers full customisation choices including, 11 Interior colour options, 54 exterior colour options, and 9 wooden inlays. The stylishly sloping roofline smoothly terminates on the slanting D pillar and rests alongside the Quattro blisters above the wheel arches. The wheel arches house up to 22-inch wheels. The units at the rear are connected by the light strip.

Besides, it gets the Audi to connect to future, as the first luxury car segment offers features like the In-car Wi-Fi with 8 device connectivity choices. Here one can write post via text to speech modules, receive Twitter updates, find fuel filling stations, and use Google Maps.

Besides, it gets traffic and weather updates, parking information along with music updates. The Audi Q8 offers a huge luggage space of 1755 litres. Audi Q8, with controlled damping, has an adaptive air suspension standard. With all these excellent options choosing Audi Q8 offers is the best bet if you are an Audi lover.

Some specifications of Audi Q8:

  • Petrol
  • Eight-speed Tiptronic transmission
  • 3.0-litre TFSI with 48V mild-hybrid technology.

The sporty compact proportions paired with flat windows and deep roof form the rear section. Check out Audi Q8 promotion to get your order now at the best Audi Q8 deals.

A few reasons to buy an Audi car:


Audi cars have a conservative design with a broader appeal that emphasizes a standout styling. This style by stealth approach is working indeed.

Like sitting on your Living Room:

Deservingly Audi cars have acquired a reputation for designing some of the best car interiors. With intuitive controls filled with ergonomically comfortable and best materials, these cars are always well laid off.

With the amount of time, most of us get stuck in our cars during traffics makes Audi’s attractive to buyers. The Audi Q8 is much attractive that you can go for it.

Tech Tech Tech!

Audi cars are always at the cutting edge of in-car technology. Packed with full of easy to use features Audi cars are awesome.

The spice of life:

Audi cars have one of the most variable and biggest model line-ups of any car brands with almost everything from a supercar to a supermini. When you choose to buy Audi cars, there is positive panoply of models you can choose from without swapping brands. Clever!

World-Beating Racing Cars:

Audi build cars for almost every type of customers and some world’s best racing cars as well. However what that mean for us who buys car from dealerships? It’s more than you might even realise!