Why products are made by Sadi Transmissions SL?

Trasmisiones is also known as Transmission, is a type of device which is used in a power transmission system that provides the control application of the system. This device or machine is created by companies all over the world. Sadi Transmisiones SL is one of them. It is a famous company which is dedicated to the sale of motion transmission products.

What are the uses of Transmissions?

Nowadays, the transmissions of this company are brought a lot by people. The reason is that it can be used in many different ways. Here are some of the uses among them-

  • Transmission is used in agriculture for many different and essential purposes.
  • When it’s equipped with the gears, it makes the extensive gear use of hydrostatic drive and he electrical adjustable speed drive.

How to contactSadi Transmissions SL?

If you want to buy the transmissions from this company, you can quickly contact them. For that, you need to follow some easy and simple steps which you can complete within a few seconds. Here are some of the steps-

  1. Go to their site and then, enter to their contact page.
  2. Please enter the company name, CIF, your name and all other necessary details asked by them.
  3. Now, read their terms and condition and if you agree with it, click on the box present at bottom of the screen.
  4. In the end, click on the send button for contacting them.

Some products you can get in SADI Transmissions SL?

Nowadays, this company is loved by a lot of people. The reason is that it provides people can get a lot of useful items they need at a low price. Here is some of the product among them-

  • Conical bushing pulley- This company sell this product from 3/8 to 1 ½ SIMPLEX, DUPLEX as well as TRIPLEX, which are adaptable for the conical bushing. This has an induction on its teeth. All the tapered bushing sprockets this company makes have teeth treated at near about 40-50 HRC.
  • Conical Bushing-This products are also known as Cores, Taper or Taper-Lock. The conical bushings are adapted to pulleys and the pinions that this company has a different buyer base. The conical bushings of this company are made up of GG25 cast iron, and its finish is phosphate.
  • Pix Industrial belt- Sadi transmissions SL has dedicated to the sale of these industrial belts all over the world. This company works very hard to provide you with the best industrial belt at a lower price. Hey also has stock to transfer this industrial belts to want anytime.
  • Self-locking Couplings-The self-locking coupling of this company allows you to fix a variety of elements to a shaft, transmitting motor torque and supporting springs the axial forces.
  • Bamatec coupling- This is the prestigious Swiss manufacture. The structure of this product is based on the elastic rotary transmission consist of the 3 layer spring.

If you want to buy the best transmission products such as Bamatec coupling, you can contact these companies.