Why Is My Car Repair Taking So Much Time?

There is no doubt that not having access to your car is stressful. If the car is ever in an accident it could end up in a body shop where it can be restored to normal. Before this happens, an insurance company and the body shop have to take certain steps, all of which take time.

That time can be put to good use by choosing Art’s Auto Body and Paint Shop. Your vehicle may take longer to be fixed but that is only because everyone there is focused on taking the time to do a quality job.

How the Auto Body Repair Process Works

Step one of the auto body repair process is all about the paperwork. The insurance company and the owner fill out authorizations to begin the process of repairing the vehicle. An estimate is drawn up which includes the parts that are needed. Those parts are then ordered and shipped to or delivered to the body shop.

The second step involves having the car disassembled. It gets reinspected for any other damage that needs repairing. The insurance company and the owner will be notified if any supplemental damages need fixing.

At this time if more parts are required, they will be ordered. The third step is where all the repairs are done. The new parts are installed and the mechanics will apply corrosion protection to each of them. If new panels are needed, they get double-checked to ensure that they fit correctly. After this, the metal work is inspected. All tests are performed and the last step begins.

The final step involves painting the areas of the vehicle that underwent repair or replacement. The vehicle will also go through a chemical cleaning step where refinishing touches are done. The auto body shop technicians will also align the wheels, check the air conditioner and make sure any other details are in place. The car is then given a test drive to verify that it is running smoothly, safely, and correctly.

Knowing all these steps which must be taken for a car to undergo repairs, it makes sense that it does take time for a car to be fixed. The process of fixing a car involves more than making corrections to the electrical system or taking dents from the body. At Pomona Body and Paint Shop, you will get all of these details done in time to perfection.