Why BMW Cars Are So Popular in Arrowhead?

BMW cars come in a wide range of sizes, body styles and engines that’s why its customers do not get bored. Founded in 1916, the brand has become the top seller in the market of luxury automobiles.

BMW has been ranked as the eleventh highly valuable brand throughout the world. Let us know more about what makes this brand so special among users.

History of BMW

BMW was founded in 1916. Bayerische Motoren Werke AG started his first dealership in the United States. This German manufacturer of sporty motorcycles and sporty cars was not a familiar name among the American motorists. After forty years, BMW, the top dealer of luxury automobiles and has become the eleventh most valued brand all across the globe.

How has BMW scaled, and expanded in the past few years?

BMW has grown incredibly from 2015 to date. Where it has launched only four models, in 2015, it has increased to 100 models at present. This shows that this brand has always been coming with a lot of variations in terms of body styles, engines, and sizes.

How the brand serves its customers?

The brand believes in the power of their customers. They have always been focused to provide exciting designs, and advanced controls to their customers to keep them interested. If you are looking to buy a BMW, then call an Arrowhead BMW specialist.

Due to its customer-focused nature, the brand shares a large base of loyal customers throughout the world. Where the average loyalty of US automotive brands is between 43% and 47%, customer loyalty for BMW has grown from 52% to 60%.

What makes the BMW model lineup so enticing?

Mercedes-Benz provides a massive spread of model lines. They have mastered the skills of spinning several models from a single platform, to remain competitive on pricing, and costs.

Building a wide range of variations in models in small volumes, and a few factories need an agile manufacturing system and that has made it a BMW hallmark. Presently, BMW models are manufactured in 8 final assembly plants that include 4 in Germany, 2 in China, and 1 in South Africa.


BMW provides an exemplary range of choices for its customers. Its innovative designs, powerful controls, and incredible safety mechanisms are what results in an increase in sales every year.