Where Can I Buy Bike Insurance For My Tvs Bike?

Getting your first bike is an experience no one ever forgets! The thrilling feeling of having your first, shiny bike, riding on the road to freedom is unmatched.

TVS is one of India’s oldest and trusted companies. It is the first Indian company to produce a four stroke motorcycle indigenously and the first Indian bike company to launch ABS system in a motorcycle with their Apache RTR Series.  TVS Motors make bikes which are sturdy and dependable. With such impressive performance, these bikes are a favorite and reliable choice.

But with this great, new power comes a responsibility! Safety is a major concern for every two-wheeler rider out there. And the one safety parameter which offers protection both on and off the road is insurance.

If  you’ve got yourself a mighty TVS bike, then you must get an effective TVS insurance policy to protect your beast from mishaps on and off the road. Insurance is a legal prerequisite today for every two-wheeler owner. However, getting the right bike insurance can seem a little daunting at first.

  • One of the first steps to detangling the insurance web is to get your bike insurance online. With many options available, sorting through the various insurance companies and comparing the rates of premium will help you decide whether the mandatory minimum ‘third party’ cover is enough or whether a ‘Comprehensive’ insurance plan covers your needs better.

A third-party insurance policy is a policy which covers damages and losses in case of an accident due to a third party. This policy is a must for every two-wheeler.

Comprehensive Insurance covers are a better option as they come with the choice of covering beyond the mandatory third party liability. These bike insurance policies give you the option of availing personal accident cover and damage or loss caused due to calamity, theft, riots and other unfortunate incidents.

  • Next, you can check the claim procedure on the websites of these companies and go for the most hassle free options like Bharti AXA GI which offers round-the-clock claim assistance. Then comes the add-on covers which can help you protect not only you and your bike but also cover co-riders, consumables, roadside assistance etc.

  • Insurance is a sound investment in security. You must understand that getting insurance is not only to help in case of an accident. In fact, every accident-free year that you have, you receive a No Claim Bonus (NCB) which can help you get a discount on the premium you pay on renewal of your policy. Bike insurance is a preventive measure to secure your property, life and that of others’.

Getting online bike insurance for your TVS bike is absolutely safe, convenient and easy. With just a few clicks, you can get a complete protective cover for your precious bike and also for your loved ones. Road accidents are a menace these days and two-wheeler accidents are a great cause for concern. Spending a little time and a reasonable amount of money can save you a lot of trouble and secure your future.