When To Renew Your Driver CPC Qualification?

The Driver Qualification card also referred to as Driver CPC card or DQC is a basic qualification, deemed necessary for professional bus, coach and lorry drivers. It not only improves road safety but also makes sure a very high standard of driving is maintained throughout. The activation of the card requires 35 hours of Driver CPC Training Course, which further includes five modules of 7 hours each. The training is held once every five years, and it is compulsory for every cardholder to attend the training and renew their cards. 

Common Deadlines

It is very common to share the same deadlines with a lot of drivers. This protocol was launched in 2013, and it was compulsory for all bus and coach drivers to complete their first cycle of training by 9th September that year, whereas the time limit for LGV drivers for completing their first cycle of training and meet a deadline was on the same day. So, a large group of drivers was registered on the same day, thus, share the same deadline five years later. Therefore, even you can complete the whole training within five days, the demand for slots is heavy at the last moment, and one should preferably not leave everything for the last day, or your card might just get canceled. 

Flexible Training Facilities

To avoid such consequences, many drivers take up yearly training facilities. Yes, there is an option where you can attend one module of 7 hours each per year. That reduces stress and gets your job done well in time. Neither do you have to worry about getting slots, nor about your card’s renewal. 

The deadline is not for your renewal application. It means you have to compulsorily complete your training before the deadline and collect the Driver CPC Certificate