What Makes 2022 Chevrolet Corvette the Best Sports Car?

One of the first things that you will notice about the 2022 Chevrolet Corvette is its affordable price tag. A sports car can be so reasonably priced, something that many can’t believe.

However, the most amazing aspect of this vehicle is its powertrain. Its power and handling feel like a gift that keeps on giving enjoyment the more you drive it. Quick acceleration and supreme horsepower make it one of the quickest on-road vehicles. You can consult Sandpoint Chevrolet dealer and they will agree like any other expert that this is the best sports car you can buy.

Why is Corvette the best sports car?

Amazing powertrain and reasonable pricing are what led it to become one of the best sports cars in the modern era. It offers all the luxuries and power of a sports car but costs much less than its rivals. Hence, all you need to know is its powertrain details and trim prices.

Powertrain details

This is the same engine as its previous generation; however, now it is placed behind the passenger area instead of the front. The engine equipped is a V8 6.2L that revs hard and delivers 490 hp and torque of 470 pound-feet.

If you purchase this vehicle, you need to get a Z51 package installed for its performance exhaust. It aids the horsepower to reach 495 from 490. If this was all, then people probably wouldn’t purchase this package. Since it is not, other things included are summer tires, robust brakes, electronic differential, and more. With so many items involved, opting for the Z51 package makes sense to buyers.

Corvette used to come with a manual transmission but this generation has been equipped with only an automatic eight-speed system, which is a first for a Corvette. Paddles or push-button option is what people can use to select gears.

This beast can reach zero to 60 mph within 2.8 seconds, which is a record in the sports car segment. Its acceleration is just mind-blowing and one of the reasons people use it on road as well as on tracks. If you are curious about the acceleration and other powertrain details then visit Sandpoint Chevrolet dealership.

Now check out this vehicle’s price!

Amount one has to pay for this car

Just three variants are available and the base one starts from just $62,145. A supreme sports car in just a little over $62k is something that surprises people massively. Most sports cars would cost around $100k or even more. The 2LT option is not even $70k and 3LT model is priced much below $75k.

Such a price tag is hard to believe for a car of this quality. Hence, its powerful engine and its super affordable price tag are what make it one of the ultimate sports cars in the world. It is stylish, powerful, and everything else that an individual wants in a sports car.

If you are convinced about buying this vehicle, you need to rush to a dealership and take a test drive. It will show you this car’s capability and help you understand why you need to buy it.