What Deals Would Be Perfect for the Car Removal Options Now

About 1.1 million end-of-life vehicles are processed each year in nearly 1,700 approved centers that are challenged by strong competition from illegal scrap yards. Some 360,000 cars are processed in the network.

Its showcase site in Alfred cove details the various stages transforming the automobile into a “pile of turntable”, that is to say a carcass which will be sold by the ELV center to a grinding unit. The crusher will recover valuable materials such as ferrous metals which are later reused in steel factories and foundries.

The Right Choices

Depollution by removing fluids (brake and cooling fluids, oil, etc.), removing the wheels, dismantling the opening parts, recovering the seats, seat belts, engine: the vehicle is gradually boned on a chain of ” of construction”.

The treatment can be more brutal, when the “car power dismantler”, impressive giant forceps, gets involved. In a few minutes, the machine smashed the windshield and removed the harnesses of dashboard cables, rich in copper, and the engine. For the car removal alfred cove you need to be specific and that is the reason that you can have the smartest option for the same. The deals are perfect and that is the reason you can have the smartest deals there.

Boom of very old cars

The deconstruction of the car will make it possible to recover doors, bumpers, hubcaps, mirrors and other parts, such as engines which are notably exported to Nigeria and Ivory Coast.

The foam benches will be reused for the manufacture of judo rugs, bedding elements or acoustic panels, tire aggregates for flexible children’s playgrounds, belts for the manufacture of acoustic insulation, certain plastics will be recycled on cars.

  • Trying to reach 95% while preserving the economic balance of the sector is very complicated, because there is a collapse in the price of materials.
  • Thus, the price of a ton of “platinum” plummeted from 160-180 euros in early 2015 to 40 euros currently, he said.

Coping with the horrors of the evolution of the course of subjects” is one of the major challenges of the profession.

ELV centers have an interest in focusing more on the sale of spare parts. Those who are doing well are those who invested in coins three years ago.

The reuse (of parts), it works provided that it is organized. It is necessary to dismantle the part, trace it, manage it.

Vehicles aged seven to twelve represent “the bulk of the market”, but the number of very old cars has recently exploded, says the director general: there have been 850,000 re-registrations of cars over sixteen years old. last year, down from 100,000 in 2010.


The industry also has a bright future abroad, in countries where it is absent or poorly organized. In addition to Morocco and Poland, thus targets emerging countries such as Brazil and India.