Recycled tire materials are now used for various things ranging from playground flooring to garden pavers. Improper disposal of tyres is not just harmful to health, but it is also a big waste of a very useful resource.

A good solution to the problem of abandoned tyres is to have them recycled properly. A lot of councils now insist that tyre dealers charge environmental fee used to cover the cost of properly recycling waste tyres. Payments are made to waste tyre recycling operations, which will start the process and procedures of giving new life and look to old tyres.

Below are amasing uses for recycled tyre materials.

Gravel Substitute.

Anywhere gravel is found and used, the probability and chances that tyre chips can be used too. Its applications include;

* Aggregate for drainage ditches.

* Highway embankment backfill.

* Sublayers for roadways. 

Tyre chips can help reduce frost penetration. They are there time lighter as gravel, which on its own can produce significant savings in time, labor, and equipment costs. Tyre chips are so used under light trail tracks that run to businesses and homes to decrease noise mitigation from trains that are passing and reduce vibration.

Crumb Rubber.

Crumb rubber is a ground rubber that is produced from tyre recycling and waste tires. Tyre cords and steels are removed from unused tyres, and the remaining rubber is reduced to a granular viscosity. Some applications for crumb rubber is;

* Welcome mats.

* Playground flooring.

* Vehicle mudguards.

* Anti-fatigue mats.

* Rubberized asphalt.


Landfill Medium.

Chipped tyres can be used as a protective cover for landfills or a liner. It can be used as thermal insulation between primary and secondary landfill liners to decrease temperature as much as possible. Tyre chips can also be used as a great alternative to incinerator ash or coal since both of them are porous. Finally, tyre chips can be used as a valuable and cost-effective landscaping medium meant for landfills. 

Unusuable Water Treatment Filters.

Tite chips can be pieced into a uniform and specific size that can be used for various important things. Another advantage of tyres is using them as filters in wastewater treatment and composed wetlands. This is because tyres can be chipped to be less or more porous than rocks, organic compounds, and every other material, and they often better as a better option.

Rubber Mulch.

Another innovative use of recycled tyres is rubber mulch. It retains its appearance over a long period, it does not rot away like wood mulch, and it doesn’t float away during rainstorms. Another beautiful thing about tyre chip is that it doesn’t attract termites and other pests.

A lot of people struggle to save money by taking their old tyres with them after getting a new set of tyres for their car. These tyres at the end of the day get stocked up in the backyard or garage, which is not good for the environment because it collects dust, water, insects, and even mosquitoes. Every endeavor to save a few dollars may cost us our environment in the long run. Do the right thing for yourself, your community, the environment, and the future of our planet by making sure that tyre recycling is done properly.