What are the advantages of two wheelers over four wheelers?

A two-wheeler is the preferred choice of transport for most Indians. Bikes are inexpensive, convenient and fuel-efficient, as compared to cars. If you are in the market for a new ride, you can easily get home a motorcycle with a bike loan. Easy to get and inexpensive, these loans can help you own your dream bike.

Still not convinced? Here are some of the advantages that make a bike score over a four-wheeler:


A two-wheeler in India can be yours for as low as Rs 25,000. A decent car, on the other hand, can set you back by at least Rs 4 lakh. This huge price difference is why many Indians prefer to buy a two-wheeler. 

Additionally, you can easily get a two wheeler loan to fund the purchase. A bike is also cheaper to maintain when compared to a car. The repair cost, servicing, etc. are much more economical when you own a motorcycle.


A bike is also convenient to use. Traffic in cities such as Bengaluru and Mumbai can be tricky. It is a lot easier to zip through with a bike, as opposed to being stuck for hours on the road in a car. Even on unmotorable rural roads, a bike is a more convenient mode of transportation. 


With rising fuel prices, the operational cost of a vehicle is a crucial factor for most Indian families when making a purchase decision. The average 125cc two-wheeler will offer a mileage of 50+ kilometers per liter (kmpl) of fuel as compared to 15 kmpl offered by an average hatchback car. 

Cheaper insurance

Getting your bike insured is inexpensive. You can get basic third-party cover for your bike for just Rs 500 a year, whereas car insurance can cost anything upwards of Rs 15,000. Considering that it is mandatory to renew auto insurance every year, this can prove to be quite expensive with a four-wheeler.


Anyone who lives in metro cities knows what a nightmare parking your car can be. Going around in circles to find a spot and then finally parking far away from your destination is something that is taken for granted. However, with bikes requiring minimal space to park, it makes parking a less strenuous exercise.


A two-wheeler emits lesser fumes, which makes it environmentally friendlier than cars. Additionally, the introduction of electric bikes in the market has further helped the planet’s cause. 


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