What are Car Paint Professional Films and What are their Types?


If you are way too keen about caring for your car’s paint, you will know that no matter how many attempts you make, a tiny rock will always impact and scratch your paint. You can go for coatings, but you need a better option like Proshield car protection film or vinyl wrap for being a barrier for your car paint. Here is everything you should know.

What are car paint protection films?

Car Paint Protection Films of PPFs are usually made of polyurethane. They are clear and are meant for only one purpose that is to act as a protective barrier between the car’s paint and the elements. People sometimes call it as clear bras but it is a trademark and not a generic term. PPFs are commonly installed by an expert but nowadays many PPFs can be applied by the means of DIY.

Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl wraps are composed of polyvinyl and are used for changing the aesthetics. It can be a new color, logo, a pattern, or even a picture. As they are meant for aesthetics only, they are thinner and aren’t as durable as you expect them to be, but they still provide some kind of paint protection to your car. These are also installed by professional or by DIY, on the basis of what the manufacturer suggests.

Factors to consider before you install

These films do need a touch of care and maintenance. It is beyond its coating it which is especially designed for protecting the film itself. First and foremost, never power wash your film at a high pressure as it may cause the film to peel back. Secondly, always steer clear from using solvent based cleaning products on the films as they can damage the surface. You may get a hope when you install a film on your car so that you totally forget about the scratches etc. But this is not the case. As the technology is revolutionizing, films will still have a number of issues that can only be protected with the help of a coating especially meant for films.


These are usually visible in the form of micro marring which was left over from the wash pads. These marks are hard to be seen on paint, but when a paint protection film is installed, it becomes way too visible. But when you install the right coating on your PPF, then your film will be protected by all means by these tiny abrasions and look a lot better.