Wet n Wash 

Do you also wish to have a system just like that at a car wash, at your door step? Well, we all are so tired of making trips to the car wash and spending money. If you are also someone who wants to do the car washing and cleaning in your driveway then you have stopped at the right place. Say goodbye to the fancy car washes, and hello to wet n wash!

Wet n wash is basically a metal arch which is designed to have a spraying system. The spraying system sprays water on top of the parked car in a driveway where you can easily wash your car in a short period of time. If you are someone who also tries to save water then you will wet n wash even more. 

Get the foldable connected to a water source and you will be ready to do the washing very easily. The hard part is the soaking of the car, wet n wash makes the soaking very easy as it evenly distributes the water to different parts of the car. Once the car is soaked, all you need to do is some scrubbing and then use the arch once more to get rid of the soap and you will be surprised at how quickly you get done with the washing part. If you are a student who doesn’t have enough funds to make trips to the car wash, or you are living in a place which is quite far from the car wash then wet n wash is a savior for you. You can now wash your car in the driveway. 

Once you have connected the arch to a water source, you can drive through it to soak your car. It is astonishing to see how quickly it soaks your car. Now you don’t have to wait for weekends or off days to specify time to Easy Home Car Washing System because with wet n wash, you can wash your car anytime you like. 

You might think that wet n wash is only used for car washing but in reality, it is used by quite a few people for quite a few purposes. Golf-cart owners, hospitals, homeowners with driveways, people who own boats and jet skis, all these people use it for cleaning and spraying. Even fundraisers are arranged where the people can wash their cars through wet n wash. 

Some of the benefits of wet n wash are as follow:

  1. Eco-friendly: Wet n wash has the ability to wash the car with limited water and prevents wastage of water unlike the car washes. 
  2. Saves time and fuel: Now you don’t have to spend hours and hours just cleaning your car because wet n wash gets the washing done within very less time. Also, you don’t have to waste fuel to make trips to the car wash because you can do it at home. 
  3. Easy to set up: Wet n wash doesn’t require a tool box or any instrument to be put together. It sets up very easily without tools which makes it even more easy to use. 
  4. Saves money: If you are trying to save money that you spend on car washes, then the one-time investment of wet n wash will be very beneficial for you. You will wash your car with less time, less energy and less money.  
  5. Even spraying: Unlike water pipes or hose, the spraying system of the wet n wash makes sure that the water is spread evenly all over the car. 

Families can spend time together to clean their cars in a fun way with the help of wet n wash, in summers, kids will definitely enjoy running through the spraying system and help washing the car.

Chris Jackson is the founder of wet n wash; he came up with the idea of creating equipment which helps in washing the car. His creation is faster, more efficient, less time consuming, and very easy to work with. With his research and experiments through his garden hose, Chris came up with the fantastic foldable arch which works amazingly with a hose. So, goodbye to the trips to the car wash which are quite expensive.