Use of diamond in the automotive industry

Diamond is the most loved gem. It is highly adored and is a symbol of luxury when used in jewelry. Apart from its amazing look and flattering sparkle, it is also the hardest material known to mankind. It is solely made of carbon and has a structure that makes it capable to withstand wear and tear. This makes it highly useful for several industrial purposes. The properties of diamond make it versatile. It has a wide range of applications like diamond cutting blades for masonry, cutting, grinding, and polishing tools in the automotive industry, etc.

The use of diamond for cutting and grinding can be traced back to ancient times. The earliest mention can be found in the Indian subcontinent where the craftsmen and artisans used it for various purposes. In the present day and age, diamond tools are given a more sophisticated form and are widely used in grinding and cutting purposes. These prove to be more economical and relevant in many cases in comparison with other options including silicon carbide and corundum.


  • Use of diamond machines in the auto industry


Diamond tools are used in the automotive industry for four major tasks.

  • Cutting

Cutting with diamond tools provides high precision and sharpness in the job. You can get fine and accurate edges with these tools. With the help of its tetrahedron structure diamond can deliver impact with high intensity. This helps to cut the tough metals easily and smoothly.

  • Grinding

Grinding is important in the automotive industry to achieve the desired dimensions and shapes. Owing to its hardness diamond provide precision and clarity in removing the material. You can get a finely crafted shape with minimum efforts.

  • Polishing

Polishing is a task of removing inconsistency in the surface. Using diamonds in granulated form, you can get a refined surface. The granules serve as abrasives. These particles rub against the surface of the substrate and make it smooth and shiny. The smaller the granules are, the finer the polish will be.

  • Drilling

Drilling is needed in the automotive industry to especially when around the joints. Diamond grillers are used only in the high-intensity application where other options could not deliver the desired result.


  • Benefits of using diamond machines


Many people would wonder why a precious gem like a diamond is used in the industries. The fact is, diamond serves as the most efficient and durable tools for many tasks and is even cost-efficient in many cases. There are several other benefits of using it.

  • Suitable for aluminum parts

Diamond can withstand fast and high-temperature applications, which is why it is often used for cutting a large number of aluminum parts.

  • Hard alloy

Diamond is a hard alloy and it is a well-known fact that hard tools can easily cut softer material. Being the hardest diamond can be used to cut or grind any other material.

  • Polishing and surface finish

Diamond provides a far better polishing outcome as compared to the other conventional tools. It can be used to polish even delicate surfaces like glass.

  • Durability

Diamond is durable. It is up to 50% more durable than the other conventional carbide tools.

  • Low force

Diamond has a symmetrical structure which helps in achieving precise cutting. Lesser impacts are needed which ensure fine and clean results.

  • Low friction coefficient

A high friction coefficient means a large amount of heat production during the operations. This can affect the strength and brittleness of the substance. In non-metallic surfaces, heat can destroy the shape of the parts.