Tips to increase the value of your used car


Unlike home, a car property is something you like to keep changing and have the latest one of your choice. Many people like to use a car for a few years and sell it to get the next updated one with better features and style. While this sounds exciting, selling a car and getting a good deal for it is sometimes not that straightforward. People often struggle to estimate the right value of their car property and find a deal according to that. Many times they end up selling their vehicle at a very modest value. How do I get a high value when I sell my car is a common question that racks the brain of almost every seller. While the task is tricky, there are several ways you can boost the value of your used car. Several factors contribute to the evaluation of the car value and knowing them and maintaining your vehicle accordingly can give you significantly high returns.


  • Value by maintenance


The resale value of any vehicle depends on who well it is maintained throughout its usage. By keeping a few things in check you can be certain of good returns at the time of selling.

  • Keep the miles traveled low

One of the most important factors your potential buyers would consider while bidding for your car is the miles it has run. Keeping the mileage low is a great way to get good value. If you wish to resell your car in a few years, refrain from using it for long road trips.

  • Make maintenance schedule and adhere to it

For every car, a maintenance schedule is given in the owner’s manual. You should find this schedule and adhere to it without excuse. Any big/small damage should be fixed immediately to ensure that your car is in good condition while reselling.

  • Keep it sheltered

Constant exposure to sun and other weather elements can pace up the aging process of your vehicle. You should always keep it in a shelter to ensure longevity.


  • Get your car sale-ready


Keeping your car in good condition can help you get a high return value. However, you still need to make some preparations before you list it up for selling.

  • Timing is important

Studying the timing and market status is important before you sell your car. If there is a drop in the demand for a used car or a surge in fuel price, it is better to wait for some time.

  • Fix or replace damage

Discuss your car’s condition with the mechanic to decide what repairs and replacements can help you get a better price. Make a meticulous evaluation to ensure that the work is done does not outweigh the trade-in price.

  • Get it cleaned and polished

Although you would keep your car clean always you should get it thoroughly cleaned before putting up on the list. Get it waxed to make it look as good as new to get a better deal.

  • Talk to several dealers

When you bought the car, you made an investment that is expected to give you good returns. It is important to contact multiple dealers to ensure that you get the right price. Also, prepare to present your vehicle convincingly and negotiate well.