Tips to choose the right Auto Body Shop in Canada


The car collisions are not something that we expect. We may be a careful driver but someone might just come carelessly towards us and knock the car.

If the car is insured, the insurance company covers the costs of repair. We cannot just accept any auto body repair shop recommended by the insurance company. 

Tips to Select the Right Auto Body Shop

  • Basic Research of the Service Provider

We can avoid a lot of mistakes if we take invest time in research. We should the track record of the company that is in charge of doing repairs. We can ask basic questions such as how long they have been in the job, their track record and the testimonials. 

We can get information from family and friends and get some opinions on the best service provider. While selecting the service provider, they ask us questions., which gives us a clue on how they carry out the repairs.

  • Compare the prices

Although the insurance company pays for repairs, we have to check the prices. We can ask for estimate quotes. The quotes are available on the website of the auto body shop repair. We can inquire about the time they will take to do the repairs. We can also find the equipment that they use.

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  • Location of the Shop

The auto repair shop that is located nearby is preferable. It gives us time to visit the shop while repairs are going on and get updates of the progressing work. Most auto body shops will want to give maximum service to their customers, they also pick and return the car before and after repairs. We can look for the auto body shops which are OEM certified.

  • Hourly rates

Some auto body repair shops charge hourly rates for repairs. The rate is estimated by the overhead of the company. If the shop employs many people and is located in a locality where the rent is expensive, then we are expected to pay more. Thus, it is advised to find a shop that is located in the neighborhood.

  • Ask the mechanic

As the mechanic deals with auto body repair shops. They know some technicians personally at the body repair shops. The mechanic recommends repair shops that we can visit. We should make a final decision and not just take their word as it is. We may also want to inquire if the auto body repair shops offer a warranty for the repairs.

  • Technicians’ qualifications

The Auto body repair shop employs various people. We may want a place where the people know what they are doing. If we find a repair shop with employees who are in the industry for years, they will know what they are doing. It should be obvious that the employees are professional and courteous. 

We can check the auto repair shops regarding inquires. If they take a lot of time to respond, it is better to look elsewhere. The auto body repair shops display the certificates on the walls of their office, it is a proof that they are licensed. 

  • We should follow our gut feeling

Even after doing research, if we have a gut feeling that the shop is not the best for our work, it is best to just walk away. 

We should also observe the repair shop for their activity. If we find the repair shop dealing with only a few customers, it may mean that they do not have a good track record. The good auto body shops are usually buzzing with activity and the cheapest repair shop is not always the best.



We would not be happy to see a car with dents. If the car looks bad, it gets difficult to get a reasonable price to even sell it. However, if we get into driving accidents which sometimes cannot be avoided, we should look for the right auto body shop.

Don’t just opt for the shop the company recommends, but take up a background check. Check the body repair estimates. It is also crucial to ask family and friends for recommendations. Find the shop having excellent customer service and professional technicians.

It is ideal to find the auto repair shop nearby. Finally, it is best to follow our instincts.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can I provide a tip at Auto Body Repair Shops?
    It is your call; providing a tip proves your appreciation towards the work they’ve done.
  2. Does insurance cover loss for dents and scratches?
    Yes, they do cover the loss due to dents and scratches if they are caused in an accident.
  3. How long does it take to get an estimate?
    It takes not more than 30 minutes to check if the car has sustained any damages.