Tips for Getting Maintenance Done on Your Fiat in Manhattan

Do you struggle when it comes to having maintenance done on your Fiat? If you struggle to keep to a schedule and know exactly what tasks should be conducted on a regular basis, the following tips should help you stay on track. If you have further questions, a Fiat Chrysler Jeep dealership Manhattan can assist you.

Use a Fiat Chrysler App

Did you know that the Fiat user manuals are now available via an app? That’s right, you can access not only maintenance schedules but important information in the instance you get into an accident, an accessory shop, and active recalls. It also provides relevant instructions on how to operate your Fiat vehicle, which is handy since the company is well known for its complex cars.

Check Your Engine Oil

It’s crucial that you check the engine oil level often. Before you do so, make sure you have your car parked on a level surface. Shut off the engine and let it rest for 5 minutes – it will be hot at first. Avoid touching the basin cap if you know the engine is hot. Check out the oil levels in the fan and engine compartment. Only add oil that has features of oil that’s already in the engine. Contact a Fiat dealership Manhattan about the proper replacement and disposal methods.

Check the Tires

Be sure that you check your car’s tires, including the spare. You’ll want to make sure that they have adequate pressure. Wait until they’re not in use and are cold. It’s ideal to check the tires about every two weeks, as well as before going on long trips. If the inflation pressure is too low, the tires can overheat and they will not have a good enough road grip, leading to damage.

Maintain Your Window Wipers

You should keep the rubber parts of the blades clean switch out your wipers once every year. If the temperature is low, check that there is no ice on the glass blocking the rubber part. This could damage the blades and you’d have to replace them faster. Remove snow that’s built up without using your wipers when the glass surface is dry. Ensure that you always have fluid in the sprayer tanks and that there’s no blockage of the holes.

Battery Maintenance

Remember to be careful when handling the battery, as the liquid is poisonous and corrosive to skin. You’ll need to check the liquid level often in your car to avoid damaging the battery. Another thing to keep in mind is if you won’t be using your car for a while, take out the battery and keep it in a warmer, closed spot. If your battery does freeze, don’t attempt a recharge. See that all the inner components are intact and if there are cracks from which the liquid to leak. Contact your local Fiat Chrysler Jeep dealership Manhattan to find out how to dispose and replace your car battery.