Things You Need To Know About Spare Tires

A good and safe driver or a car owner should be prepared to face unexpected situations like flat tires. Driving can be troublesome, especially if road conditions and traffic condition is not convenience. With little preparations and backup plan can help you get out of the unexpected situation quickly and easily.  Repairing flat tires can be troublesome if you cannot find a quick fix and Tire change services (ร้านเปลี่ยนยาง, which is the term in Thai). Here a few things to know about the spare tires for fixing your flat tires including a compact spare, a full-size spare, and repair kits, run-flat tires.

  • Full-size Spare Tire is a Long-Term Solution

A full-size spare tire is not a temporary fix for your flat tire. Instead, you have a long-term solution ready for any time, anyone your tires goes flat. You can replace your flat tire with your full-size spare tire and drive safely and carefree. However, you need space in your car to store the full-size spare tire and have to rotate your spare tire with regularly scheduled tire rotation, so that it works and wears in the same rate concerning your other four tires. Also, make sure to check the tire pressure and maintain your full-sized spare tire with other tires from tire Shop near “Sukhumvit” (ร้านยางสุขุมวิท, term in Thai) or other cities where you stay.

  • A Compact Spare Tire can be Emergency Fix

A compact spare tire can offer you quick replacement for your flat tire, but it can be used as a temporary fix because it works for only a certain number of miles at the lower speed. The best thing about them is they are lightweight, and compact that is you don’t need huge space for storing them in your car.  You need to maintain your compact spares and get checked them regularly so that you have the best compact spare tire ready to replace your flat tire.

  • Repair Kits for Quick Fix

Repair kits are a great alternative to storing full-sized or compact spare tire in your car. Repair kits do not require huge space and probably cost less than spare tires. The kits provide methods to repair and fix the problem area, without having to change the tire. Repair kits may differ in what they contain, but most of them pump a sealant into the flat tire and plug the punctures from inside. The Tire sealant kits are one of the quickest ways to repair small holes of the flat tire and re-inflate it.