Things to know when getting the 2023 Toyota Prius

One of the most globally known names is the Toyota Prius because of being one of the first mass-produced hybrid cars in the market. It has always been a fuel-efficient vehicle that people love using for their daily activities. The new generation Prius offers some new styling along with performance that has been beefed up. People looking to get a look at the new 2023 Prius and book it, should visit Toyota dealer serving Meridian. Now take a look at certain things about this car in detail!


Only one powertrain is available Prius; under its hood sits a hybrid setup, which uses a hybrid 2L inline-4 gasoline engine. It is mated with a continuously variable automatic transmission and delivers 194 horsepower. The standard drivetrain is FWD; however, an AWD system is available where Toyota equips a permanent magnet high-output electric motor to this vehicle’s rear axle. This increases the ponies to 196; a total of 60% increase in power.

A Prius now takes just 7.1 seconds to reach 0-60 mph, when its earlier generation models used to take 10.5 seconds. This shows the significant power and performance increment. Also, such numbers make it faster than rivals like Elantra Hybrid and Camry Hybrid. In addition, with its bigger rear and front brakes, this car can stop quicker; previously it took 194 feet to stop from 70 mph but now it takes just 171 feet.

Lastly, Toyota Prius is known for its mileage. This generation Prius will offer at least 57 mpg when in cities and 56 mpg on highways with the FWD setup making it deliver better mileage than its previous models. The AWD setup will provide 53 mpg in cities and 54 mpg on highways.

To know more about the powertrain significantly, you need to visit Toyota dealer near Meridian.

Interior Details

There have been made certain changes like its exterior; it now comes with an automotive traditional cockpit. The gauge cluster of this car is placed behind its steering wheel directly. The base model comes with a faux-leather wrapped steering wheel but opting for higher trims opens up features like heated front and rear seats, more cup holders, etc. Also, front passenger seating is now lower than its previous models.

An 8-inch infotainment display is standard, while higher trims come with an optional 12.3-inch infotainment screen. Other features include voice control, Wi-Fi, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and more.


Three variants are available for the Prius; LE, XLE, and Limited which are priced at $28,545, $31,990, and 35,560 respectively. It will depend on you, which trim you want to purchase. Each model will offer great performance that will be more than adequate for your everyday driving need.

It is one of the best vehicles that you can buy for your everyday driving needs. It offers great mileage and provides ample power that will satisfy an individual when driving in cities or on highways. Hence, all you need is to visit a dealership and take a test drive. It will aid in determining which model you should buy.