The Use of Dash Cam for You: What You need

Fancy a camera that will be your witness on the road? So, buy a dashcam. But which model to choose? We bring you all the answers below to find the model that suits you. With the best dash cam under 100 you can find the best quality.

In your car or on your motorcycle?

  • For perfect image quality
  • Choose your dashcam and don’t miss any movement
  • A place for each video
  • Compatibility with other devices
  • The gyro sensor

In your car or on your motorcycle?

For your motorcycle, simply position the dashcam on the handlebars. In the car, install the dashcam behind the windshield to film your entire trip.

When you start, the camera automatically starts filming. And when you turn off the engine, it records the latest images and turns off. Easy as pie. You will easily know how to use a dash cam.

For perfect image quality

Image quality is also important. Indeed, if your dashcam films images of too low quality, difficult to identify the plate numbers of the other vehicles in front of you. So opt for a Full HD dashcam , which records very detailed videos. Always practical! In addition, for very clear images in extreme situations, make sure that your dashcam has an image stabilizer.

Choose your dashcam and don’t miss any movement

Some dashcams have a wide angle. What does this imply? They give you a broader view and capture the main details of your journeys. So you cover more ground without moving the camera. The wide angle function is measured in degrees and ranges from 140 to 190 °.

A place for each video

Want to find the exact location where a video was recorded? Opt for a dashcam with integrated GPS. You thus geolocate the recording on a map via specific software. The GPS also records your different routes, and you receive notifications when you approach a flash. Great.

Compatibility with other devices

With a camera equipped with Wi-Fi, you can watch or record your videos wirelessly on your smartphone or tablet.

What if your memory card is full?

The majority of dashcams require the use of an SD card on which the videos are recorded. And when the card is full, many dashcams automatically overwrite old files when you make new recordings. This function is called “video loop” or “Loop Recording”.

Only dashcams that record sudden movements or accidents or that allow you to lock certain videos will not automatically overwrite your history. So be sure to systematically save the videos you want to keep on your PC, for example.

The gyro sensor

Thanks to this sensor, your dashcam records movements. For example, when you brake or accelerate suddenly or in an accident. The captured images are then saved in a separate folder so that they are not overwritten.

What does the legislation say?

In our country, the use of a dashcam is tolerated. But the right to make recordings is not synonymous with the right to publish them. Videos from a dashcam are subject to privacy legislation. Avoid publishing your videos on social networks. Good to know: in court, the judge is not, however, obliged to take the images into account.