The Right Helmets to Use for Motorcycle Riders Now

It is the helmet that offers you the least comfort and least protection, but the greatest sense of freedom. Although it may meet protection standards, it is not recommended at all, as it does not protect you at all. The only situation where you could use this helmet is in the case of a parade of motorcyclists, where you would ride at a minimum speed and the risk of injury is very low.

Design and comfort

Here you will notice that you need to consider several factors: headset weight, aerodynamics, ventilation and ventilation, as well as sound insulation. The use of the best motorcycle helmets is essential now.

Weight – In order to enjoy maximum comfort, the helmet must have a lower weight. The best motorcycle helmet from this point of view is the one with the outer layer of fibers, because it is lighter. However, it is also the most expensive helmet on the market.

Aerodynamics – A good protective helmet must withstand high speeds exceeding 100 km / h. If you do not intend to exceed this threshold, you do not have to worry. However, you must know that at such a speed you need a very stable headset that does not move on the head, thus hindering sight.

Ventilation – If you use your motorcycle to move around the city, then you need a helmet that has well-defined ventilation areas, so that if the temperatures are very high, do not sweat excessively. On the other hand, if you use a motorcycle for long trips, too much ventilation does not suit you because you can receive power. That’s why you need a tightly sealed helmet.

Soundproofing – It is important to have a headset with an effective antiphone system when you travel a lot. That’s because ambient noise can worsen long-term hearing. This is why most motorcyclists wear earplugs when they travel a long way on low traffic. If you want to travel around the city, however, noise isolation may be risky, as it may be too late to hear traffic jams and expose yourself to great danger.

What other features should the best motorcycle helmet have?

Other aspects to consider in your choice include color. Although it may seem like an issue related to personal preference, the color of the helmet can play an important role in your protection. Most of the time when a motorcyclist is injured by a car, the driver will say that he has not seen it.

So the helmet helps you increase your visibility in traffic. Avoid headphones with a mix of colors that are perceived from ashes from a distance, as well as red headphones that are not visible at night. The best motorcycle helmet has a fluorescent color such as yellow, raw green or neon orange, or is simply white.

It is very important to choose a helmet that suits you. This means that you need to consult the size chart well and pay attention to its shape. The helmet should fit perfectly with the shape of your head. You will thus find Arai headphones that fit round head, or Shoei type that fit oval head. However, there should be no pressure points that could embarrass.


If you want a helmet with a viewfinder, it is important that it does not get steamed regardless of temperature. In this case the helmet should be provided with a special ventilation system.