The Most Frequent Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Did you know that seventy thousand pedestrians are injured from accidents each year? They walk out of their homes, hoping to have a normal day and unexpectedly run into an accident. To add to that number, four thousand die in car accidents annually. These numbers are continuing to grow, and that is why Abogados de accidentes automovilísticos Huntington Beach want to help as many people that are affected by these as they can. They believe that pedestrians need to get the compensation they rightfully deserve when they get involved in an accident.

It is a given that drivers are mainly responsible for the way they drive and control their cars, but most of the time, pedestrian accidents are caused by the pedestrians themselves. Here are some of the common reasons why pedestrian accidents happen.

First off is the improper use of the road. Pedestrians should know when to cross a street and should always look out for passing cars and negligent drivers. Unmarked crosswalks also play a huge role in the increase of accidents along with left turns. Pedestrians are three times more likely to get involved in an accident on left turns instead of right.

The no texting rule is not just for drivers. Pedestrians should practice it as well because not paying attention to where you are going can lead to an accident, especially if silent cars or hybrids are present. According to studies, wearing dark clothes at nighttime is a good reason why accidents happen. Lightly colored clothing is easier to spot at night, so try to go for those instead.

For more information about these frequent causes, check out this infographic by AbogadoContigo. If you or someone you know ever gets involved in an accident, contact Abogados de daños personales Huntington Beach to help you file a claim.