The Benefits of Installing a GPS Car Camera in Your Car

All round the world, cameras are the most common thing that can be spotted. Be it a personal mobile camera or CCTV, move around they are everywhere.  While you may already have security cameras at home but do you have one for your car?

Dash cam is one such device that works like a CCTV camera for cars. Such devices keep an eye on the drivers and provide complete safety to your car. They act as GPS camera as it provides live + recorded footage of the car as well tell you know the real-time location.

Dash cam cum GPS trackers can capture accidents, traffic stops and more. The devices are designed to install on the dashboard or the windshield of the car. Such devices offer features like audio and video while you drive down the road.

There are a lot of benefits of a GPS camera for personal car. Its unique benefits are these unique benefits are why this product is one of the top devices in the market. Some of the unique features are listed below for you. 

  • Offense Deterrent:

Vehicle like expensive cars attract thieves and they try to make every effort either to stop the moving car and break-in to get hold of the car. But with the help of dash cams this can be stopped since such devices have video recordings to capture everything happening in and around the car. It even provides real-time location of the vehicle along with the face recognition technology, so if the device detects any unknown driver it can constantly send an alert the owners. 

  • Record What Happens:

It has often been a site where drivers tend to misbehave with passengers and the owner remains unaware about it. A dash cam can surely be a saviour since it provides evidences to such an incidence. If multiple people use your vehicle, like kids or business employees, a video camera helps keep tabs on where your car is going and at what time and who all are travelling in it. 

  • Observing Teen’s behaviour:

Teens love to flaunt everything they have, be it a smartphone or car. With such behaviour it becomes really important to keep a check on them. Moreover, the way they drive is another factor that forces parents to keep a tab on them.  To provide a solution to such a problem, dash cam cum GPS tracking devices can keep a watchdog for parents. Such devices help parents in regulating teens speed and location. Besides this teens will surely be more careful while driving as they will know someone is look over them.

  • Alerts When a Wrong Route Taken:

A dash cam cum GPS tracker is a helpful device for those who rely on drivers. Such devices send alerts to the car owner when the driver takes up the wrong route.

Looking at all such problems KENT RO has recently launched its flagship vehicle security device called KENT CamEye. It is a next-generation car camera for ensuring the security of your loved ones and your car. It tracks the real-time GPS location of the car and also playbacks the route travelled by car on the map. 

KENT CamEye uses a mobile application to information the user about the car and his loved ones. The app is available for both, Android and iOS mobile phones. 

KENT CamEye has stunning features that no one can ignore:

  • The device can be of great help for people who want to keep a tab on their family, friends, or drivers. User can easily watch the inside and outside view of the device. The user can also share the device with 10 people. KENT CamEye has an in-built mic and speaker that lets the user have a one to one communication via 2 way calling feature
  • Secure Cloud Storage: The device offers secured cloud storage space to the user to save all their data on the cloud instead of the internal memory. The device has an internal memory of 8 GB that is used when the device is out of network coverage area

You can get the best solution for the security of their loved ones and vehicle, all at a price of Rs.17, 999 with 3 months free subscription. You can get a free demo of our product by sharing your contact details at or call us at 9582612345.