Taking Care of Motorcycle Luggage for Safe and Happy Travels

Pro travelers and the ones to whom their luggage is important to take good care of motorcycle luggage. As you like to keep yourself safe and away from harm your luggage needs protection too. Of course, it could not protect itself on its own. A pro tip, even if you are traveling in groups don’t think your luggage would be safe. Take precautionary measures. Security and safety of your motorcycle luggage and items in it are all on you. Not taking care of it not only ruins the luggage or bag it also affects the items inside it. So, it can cause some serious problems ruining the joy of motorcycle traveling. But you don’t have to worry because we are going to tell you some effective ways that will surely help.


If you have hard luggage or panniers then there is not much to worry about. As they can be easily cleaned with a wet towel and maintained. But you have to take care of the leather-like baby. It is absorbent and if you don’t clean it on time it could become one with the leather bag making it dirty forever. Cleaning it then can even harm your leather bag.

First of all, be careful when choosing leather cleaning. Do proper research and buy trusted brands. Second, clean your luggage toughly every time after the tour and whenever the bike gets washed. Take the luggage off so the bike and luggage both can be cleaned properly.

Cleaning the Leather

A detailed guide on how to clean leather saddlebags available here. Some products clean and enhance leather’s beauty making it look as good as new. There are amply leather cleaning product options available in the market these days. All you have to do is search online and you will know. Other than that, always consult your mechanic, they know some insides you cannot find anywhere else.

Leather Conditioning

After cleaning if you condition the leather it will bring out its beauty. Just like conditioning your hair, moisturizing your skin leather also demands to be taken care of. Remember it was once a skin! So, the skin needs protection and care, as long as it is on the body, it is taking care of it by the body. Regular leather oils are not recommended for leather so we recommend you go for moisturizers and UV protectors. It will also enhance the life of the product and make it last longer.

Products to avoid for leather

As talked above there are some products that you should avoid if you pray for healthy and glowing leather.

  • Oil-based cleaners
  • Mink oil
  • Waterproofing Oil
  • Creams
  • Vaseline

Firstly, oil-based cleaners or oil can ruin your clothes, etc. Second, caring for leather luggage and bags is not similar to leather boots. The product you used to make your boots waterproof is not suitable for waterproofing leather luggage. Here is a guide on how to take care of your leather saddlebags, it applies to other leather bags as well

Cleaning other Soft Luggage

Other soft luggage can be easily washed in the machine, just remember to take off any hooks, loops, and especially any metal that is inside or on the bag. If you like you can do the fabric softener to it. But read any product care tips beforehand.

Cleaning the Hard Luggage

Hard luggage cleaning is easy. Wiping down the outside using a clean moist cloth dipped in soapy water. Use another moist cloth to remove leftover soap. Spray cleaning is another option. Just spray on the surface and clean with a cloth.

For cleaning from the inside remove attachable pockets, and everything else. Open the zippers and shake to get small residues left, then vacuum on the inside. Now wipe with clean wet or moist cloth. You can dip it in soapy water if you like. But don’t use too much soap. After that use another wet cloth to remove any soap left.

On the Go!

Carry baby wipes or leather cleaning wipes take the bugs and major dirt off. A towel or cloth to clean water on the exterior of the luggage always comes in handy. Things like small dirt and water spots, sludge, bugs, dirt and grime needed to be taken care of as soon as possible otherwise they can damage the leather bag little by little, ruining it little by little.

Post Tour Cleaning

Cleaning bags thoroughly after the tour is important. First, you can use them instantly for the next trip. Seddon, it makes sure nothing is left inside that can harm the bag. Third, the bag gets taken care of so it can be with you for long, especially leather bags.

Moisture Protection

Non-waterproof bags need waterproofing or water resistance. Plastic bags cause problems by capturing the moisture in and ruining the bag. Instead, you should pack items in a cotton cloth or towel which will absorb moisture. It can be dried later. On the exterior just protect the bag from top and bottom with a plastic sheet or even plastic bag. Don’t store the leather in moist conditions.

If the bag is moist take everything out, dry them before repacking. Beeswax, animal fat, etc. make it water repellent so that helps a little. Just clean the bag before applying it so it could stick to the leather and not the dirt or oils. Read further on how to take care of your motorcycle bags here.