Stockton personal injury claim: 5 top reasons to engage an attorney

Dealing with your personal injury claim won’t be easy. You may assume that you have enough evidence to prove that the other party acted negligently, but don’t expect the insurance company to believe you. In California, you have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit in most circumstances, and if you don’t take immediate steps, you may lose vital information in no time. If you are wondering whether you need a Stockton personal injury attorney, here are five compelling reasons for your help.

  1. You need help with the claim. What is your claim worth? Is your personal injury claim a worthy one? How should you initiate the claims process? What can you do to protect your rights? These are common questions that victims often ask after an accident, and it is best to get answers from an attorney.
  2. You need experience. Seasoned personal injury lawyers have worked on hundreds of claims and cases, and they know how things usually shape up. You can expect the attorney to be extremely fair and transparent with you and give you a practical overview of how things work in California. While many people have managed to get a settlement independently, there is no substitute for experience.
  3. You are severely injured. If you have suffered injuries that are catastrophic or serious in any manner, the worth of your personal injury claim automatically increases. The compensation should cover the costs related to your future medical care and other expenses. Having an attorney ensures that you don’t accept the first insurance offer.
  4. You need help with negotiation. The above point also brings us to our next point, which is negotiating with the insurance company. The claims adjuster is not trying to help you in any manner, and you have no reason or compulsion to give a statement. Before you negotiate things further, get a personal injury lawyer on board. They can easily spot insurance tactics and talk better on your behalf.
  5. There is no immediate fee. If you need another good reason to get an attorney, remember that hiring an expert doesn’t take anything at the start. Your injury lawyer is here to help on a contingency arrangement, where they get paid when you win. You don’t have to worry about paying an hourly rate, which could be a bummer for your circumstances.

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