Smartest Choices for the Best Shelving

Whether for a supermarket or a large commercial area, the equipment, and by extension the layout, of a store contributes largely to the development of sales. The choice of the right furniture and its location makes it possible to organize and enhance the products and make them easily accessible. The layout of the store, as well as the presentation of the articles contribute to 80% to the success of a business. So, what should you know about the shelving of your business? With the perfect van racking this is important now.

Shelving for trade: who is affected?

Commercial shelving is aimed at all types of commercial surface:

  • Press, Bookstore, Stationery, Tobacco
  • Bar, Restaurant, Snack
  • Pharmacy, Optician, Beauty parlor, Perfumery, Hairdressing salon
  • Computer or multimedia store
  • Ready-to-wear, Shoe store
  • Primeur
  • Decoration, DIY, Leisure shop
  • Large distribution

Point of sale layout

Suppliers offer a full range of standard shelving for heavy and light loads. Among these you will find:

  • The wall gondola, to be installed along the wall
  • The central gondola (or double-sided) often used as an island or in the aisles
  • The gondola head, to highlight the products on promotion
  • The rack gondola, suitable for heavy products
  • The grid gondola, intended for products to be stretched or hung
  • The corner gondola, ideal for going around a post or optimizing the available space…

There are also shelves for trade specific to your activity. Here are some examples :

  • Textile store: podiums, storage boxes, lockers, clothes racks, shelves…
  • Futures: Wooden displays, crates, single or double sides, fruit and vegetable island …
  • Press: bleachers, turnstile, wall ladder, newspaper stands, totem, staircase display…

Reserve management

The reserve must be set up as carefully as the sales area because it allows to manage incoming or outgoing goods flows. . For this, you can equip yourself with standard storage shelving such as metal shelves (link to industrial shelving) or specific to your activity. For example, the shelves for a food trade have a surface designed not to retain organic matter.

If you have questions about the choice of your shelving, do not hesitate to discuss with other users or professionals in the sector.

Modular shelving offers many advantages

In addition to the existence of a wide variety of dimensions (depth, height, width), the possibility of adapting the number of shelves and the ease of assembly, it above all makes it possible to meet current needs, while being able to adapt to future projects.


In addition to the supply of shelving, providers often have additional services. Depending on the constraints of the space (dimensions, location of the openings, width of the aisles, etc.), these specialists can offer you the creation of custom furniture as well as a shelving layout plan and the complete layout of the space. They rhyme with merchandising efficiency, functionality and design.