Smart Tips to Keep Your Land Rover Running and Looking Great

Did you know scheduling regular maintenance and care can keep that classic car a classic for a long time? There are no quick-fix solutions that can fix any paint scratch or keep the engine of your classic car running like new. Follow the simple tips provided to maintain the appearance and performance of your Land Rover in San Antonio.

Transmission Fluid and Oil

When its time to change the transmission fluid in your Land Rover, get it done by the professionals for better results. They will check for metal shavings in the old fluid and will refill it with new fluid.

According to the reports, an average classic car typically travels fewer than 1,500 miles per year. So, most of the time, people think that they don’t have to change the oil that often. But, the engine oil that sits idle for months can break down from the residual gas, dirt, and other contaminants generated from running. Engine oil must be changed every six months regardless of the miles traveled.

Replace Coolant 

No matter if you own a classic or brand new, the cooling system should be flushed out at least once a year. Replace the old coolant with a fresh 50/50 mixture of coolant and distilled water to help prevent the system from corroding.

Check Ball Joints

The ball joints in your car must be checked according to the manufacturer scheduled maintenance or at every Range Rover repair service. Grease the ball joints well as it can last a long time whereas a dry ball joint will quickly fail.

Lubricate the Drive-line

The many components of your driveline, like the u-joints and driveshaft, require proper lubrication and will save you time and money in the long run.

Make Sure the Breaks are in Good Condition 

As the breaks help your car remain safe and maintain value, it is essential to check that they are in proper working condition. Have an experienced mechanic check your brakes at least twice a year to make sure the brake pads aren’t unevenly wearing down your rotors.

Inspect, Clean, and Repack Wheel Bearings 

Wheel bearings support the entire weight of your vehicle, and it is recommended to grease at your regularly scheduled major service intervals.

In addition to these, you must also schedule for regular car washing services to remove harmful impurities like salt and road grime that will eat away the paint finish. To ensure that all the exposed parts are clean and free of corrosion, make sure to clean the underside of the car too.

So, if you are facing any problem with your land rover, hire a professional service for land rover restoration to reassure you at every step of the repair and maintenance of your classic car.