Shop Velocity Wheels 20 22 24 Rims

When it comes to choosing a custom-built wheel, the only name which comes to the mind is Velocity wheels. These manufactures by virtue of the experience gained have been able to:

  • Master the art of making wheels and
  • To ensure perfection so that they are able to enhance the performance of the car.

An outstanding experience of 10 years has resulted in this company becoming a formidable name in aluminium wheel manufacture. The wells made are so versatile that they can be made to fit into cars, trucks and all other different types of vehicles.

How to buy a new pair of wheels

In order to be able to select the perfect wheels from this manufacturer, the following things have to be kept in mind. They are:

  • Type of vehicle: This determines the type of wheel which will be most appropriate for the car,
  • Size of the wheels: Installation of an appropriate wheel size results in a smooth ride while ones that are smaller would make the car wobble. Selection of the wheel size should be done basis the previous wheels which were installed in it.
  • Finish: With a huge improvement in the design of the rims, the customer is now inundated with many different options with regards to the style and colour of the rims. Thus this can be done based on what the customer decides after the size of the same has been decided. The different types of finishes generally available are:
    • Matte, satin or glossy black,
    • Dark, light and matte gunmetal,
    • Machined and,
  • Budget: When determining the budget for buying the car wheels, it is important to take into account certain facts like:
    • Big wheels cost more,
    • Chrome finish is the costliest,
    • Selection of the type of construction for the wheel.

The look of the car after the wheels have been installed also acts as a deciding factor. With technological advances, it is now possible to virtually see the final look of the car before it becomes scrap. This option should be utilised and the perfect choice made.