Rules to get a Category B license in the UK:

After 19th January 2013, it becomes mandatory to get a category B license to drive small trailers. Which have weight not more 750kg and combined weight of the trailer and towing vehicle not more than 3500kg? And B+E license is necessary to drive the trailer weighing over 750 kg and the total weight of trailer and towing vehicle more than 3500 kg.

For those who have passed the test after 1st January 1997 and have a category B license. They can drive the same, and they also need B+E license to drive the trailer weighing over 3500 kg. But such people who have passed the test before 1st January 1997 can drive the trailer and towing vehicle weighing over 8.5 tons. These are the things that are applied to get category B license in the UK. And these rules are applied only because of the prevention of trailer accident. That is every trailer driver needs to pass the test to get category B or B+E license.

Do trailer training schools know how to crack the test?

For every person who wants to crack the test for category B license. They should get enrolled in trailer training Cheshire school. The training schools knows what a person needs to crack the test. And they help that person to achieve this thing. They prepare their client for the test. So, the person passes the test and earns the license because that’s what the training school charges for.

Go with the experienced training school

Get enrolled in such training schools which who have experienced in this field. And must have a good reputation in the field of trailer training. Their staffs must be well trained so that the person can learn a lot from them. And eventually, perform better on the test.