Reasons to Buy a Diesel Motorhome

The popularity of Motorhomes is now skyrocketing. Traveling across borders has leaped since recreational vehicles have become a preferred mode of transport for keen travelers. In the current scenario, the segment of recreational vehicles is expanding at a higher speed, wherein the RV makers are taking initiative in manufacturing more variants of these vehicles, in respect of their power sources, sizes, shapes, and features. The diesel motorhomes are one of those RV types that are now being sold at a higher rate than their gasoline counterparts, shared the West Des Moines Class A Diesel Motor Home dealer. What we learned from them encouraged us to take a deeper look at all those advantages of buying a diesel Motorhome and share our findings with you all.

Taller Torque

Torque can be best described as the measurement of the rotational force of an engine, and thus can also be termed as the ‘pulling power of a vehicle. It is a known fact that Diesel engines are meant to produce a taller amount of torque than gasoline engines. This automatically helps in maneuvering and driving a vehicle in adverse conditions like in the steep hilly ascents and descents, while pulling on a tow vehicle, etc.

More Towing and Payload Capacity

When driven with a Diesel engine, the motorhomes become stronger in their built and are enabled with more towing capacities in comparison to the gasoline engines. For example, a diesel pusher’s maximum towing capacity can range between 10,000 to 15,000 pounds, while a gasoline Motorhome can tow 6,000 to 8,000 pounds at its best.

Long Lasting

Since Diesel engines usually last twice longer as their gasoline counterparts, a diesel Motorhome will do the same for the most obvious reasons. The diesel engine-powered Motorhome will not only have higher ratios of compression but will also have a more efficient rate of burning, as well as lubricating properties. All this has a cumulative effect in improving the lifespan of the diesel engine at a significant level. Apart from a higher torque, diesel motorhomes will be naturally preferred because of their towing capacity. Hence, this becomes one of the major reasons why diesel engine-powered motorhomes are preferred over gasoline ones.

More Fuel Efficient

Since Diesel fuel can burn out the fuel much more efficiently than that gasoline, it can offer 10% – 15% more energy. As a result, a diesel-powered Motorhome can travel 20% – 35% more on a gallon in comparison to a gasoline Motorhome.

Require Lesser Maintenance

Maintaining a Motorhome is nevertheless a laborious task. Right from the mainstay to the driving unit, a Motorhome will need extensive maintenance to deliver a happy travel experience every time. But when it is a Diesel-powered Motorhome, the engine of the RV will usually ask for maintenance at a slower pace.  Moreover, diesel engines also need lesser frequency in their repairs, while being lesser expensive. Diesel engines that are manufactured to go a greater distance will naturally be an ideal option for RV traveling, explained the West Des Moines Motor Home dealer.