Professional Car Exterior Detailing in Edmonton, AB

Ripping through the car wash is always fun, but cleaning the inside of the car is much less fun. We have listed some tips for you with which you can clean the internal car efficiently.

  • Car shampoo
  • pH neutral wheel cleaner
  • Car wax
  • Detailing spray (for both the inside and outside of the car)
  • Interior cleaner car upholstery (Leather lotion)
  • Vinyl & Rubber (for tires, bump strips, wheel arches)
  • Below you can read more about cleaning your car interior.

Otherwise, you can simply go for the car exterior detailing services where the professionals with cater to all of your requirements.

  1. Wet cloth

Use a damp cloth to clean the plastic lenses of your dashboard. Do this carefully to prevent scratches and do not use any cleaning agents. This way you avoid crazy stripes and the plastic stays clear. When it comes to the car detailing Edmonton services, they do the whole process perfectly.

  1. Use a regular vacuum cleaner

Handheld vacuum cleaners are very handy, but do not have the power to extract all dirt from your upholstery. So arrange an extension cord and use your regular vacuum cleaner with a head for the gaps between the seats.

  1. Rubber mats

Place floor mats in the car to protect your carpet. Especially when the weather is outside, or you have salt on your shoes. Rubber mats are a good option, they are waterproof, easy to clean and they do not slip. Wash these mats with a high pressure spray for an optimal clean result.

  1. Sponges and foam

You can easily clean your carpet with a foamy carpet cleaner. Use a sponge or brush to always soap a few square centimeters. Let it absorb well and rub well into stains. Vacuum the carpet when it is dry again. Oh, and the place gets drier if you open all the doors in warm weather. A perfect hand wash in Edmonton for your car is something that you will get in a very cost friendly budget. Going for the best car hand wash in Edmonton will offer you a great deal of support now.

  1. Windscreen rubbers

Avoid blubber in your window rubber and clean it thoroughly. We mean the edge around your car windows, both inside and out.

  1. Keep that nice ‘new car smell’

We all want a car that looks brand new, but smelling like new is nice too. Keep a fresh scent by using a spray can with compressed air when cleaning.

  1. Baby on a cloth

All kinds of moisture can appear under a baby chair. You don’t have to have any fantasy for that. Prevent that sweet baby from leaving a stain on your upholstery, and put a cloth under the baby chair.

From the First Detailing Studio you can have the best options now. It is simply the best that you can have in every possible way. All kinds of cleaning and repairing of the cars can take place right here now and for that you will get the complete package.