Preparing car for summer

Summer is that time of year when most people want to travel for vacations and take a break from their normal work schedule. Many families take advantage of this season by going on road trips and that means more mileage added to your vehicle. Although summer is better for the car than winter, it is a season that presents some challenges. Therefore you should take steps to prepare your car for those high temperatures and long distances. 

The following are some of the things to check out:

The Air conditioner

One of the most important things you’ll need is a working air conditioner, especially during the hot days. Before embarking on a any kind of long distance trip, check the vents, turn the conditioner off and on, and make sure the several modes are working properly. Is the air cold when it’s supposed to be or are there hitches or some dramatic fluctuations? If so, then it is time you checked with your technician for repairs. Check the refrigerant quantity, hoses, belts, condenser, and the vacuum. Have a technician check the cabin air filter in preparation for the dusty season. You also need to check the engine power when the AC is running. 

Belts and Hoses

Inspect the rubber parts under the hood -hoses and belts. These are responsible for the engine and cabin cooling systems. Check the belts for cracking and wear and let a professional auto expert replace them. The belts should be replaced as recommended by the manufacturer and this depends on a few factors like the mileage, terrain, and so on. Hoses make it possible for the coolant to enter the engine and thus if they are cloggy, leaky or worn out, they should be replaced immediately.

Inspect the fluids- oil and coolant

Coolant is the main fluid that you need to pay attention to especially when entering summer. Ensure that it is clean, bright and should be filled to the approved level.  Again, make sure the coolant is mixed with distilled water at a ratio of 50:50. You can buy a pre-mixed one or you mix it yourself. As part of regular service, it should be changed at least every two years. Check out PeakHD for high quality coolant and oils.

 Car Tires

The condition of the tires should be checked regularly to ensure they’re in good condition and proper inflation. Overinflating will expose the tires to tears while under-inflation will wear them down. You can also consider changing to seasonal tires. Summer tires have better rubber compounds that can withstand high temperatures and friction. 

Engine performance

Your car’s performance should not suffer during the summer season. You only need to follow the regular service schedule and you will have an enjoyable summer drive. Part of this service should be changing the filter due to the increased dust during this season which could lead to a clogged filter. When the filters are clogged, there is limited airflow to the engine and this affects its performance. Avoid running on fumes which might strain the vehicle. Keeping a full tank is very rewarding; you will have no condensation in the fuel or fuel debris into the tank.

The summer season comes with its challenges and therefore you need to prepare your car for this. High temperatures and dusty environments are some of the things that you must be ready for. Most importantly, ensure that your vehicle is serviced regularly and you’ll enjoy a smooth ride.