Practical Tips for Selecting and Using the Power Tailgate of SUV

—Changyi gives you an insight into the tailgate lift for SUV

SUV power tailgate is also called the SUV automatic rear door. Simply speaking, a new set of intelligent system is installed on the rear door of the car, making it easy for users to open or close the rear door by remote control of the car keys or buttons in the car, or even by kicking the foot sensors to open or close the rear door. It solve the problem that SUV tailgate is too high and heavy to open or close, especially when it’s raining, snowing and freezing cold. Once you install the power tailgate, you can control your car at will.

Today, Changyi will show you what the function of the power tailgate and tips for selecting and using it. In fact, the basic structure of the power liftgate is composed of two spindle drive rods. The drive rod consists of an inner tube and an outer tube. The motor and gear in the inner tube drive a threaded spindle which moves on a threaded nut fixed on the inside of the outer tube. The spring also plays an auxiliary role in the opening operation of the cover. The structure of the electric rear door of SUV is as follows:

  • Memory Function

The opening height of the power tailgate can be adjusted, and the owner can set the final opening height of the liftgate through the manual control button according to the usage habit. Just press the opening key, open it to the predetermined height, and then gently press the opening key for more than 5 seconds. When the sound of “di” is heard, the setting of the opening height of the tailgate is completed. The next time the rear door is opened, it will automatically rise to the set height.

  • Intelligent Anti- Clip Function

When automatic tailgate is opened or closed, the obstacle is detected by the sensor.Once there is an obstacle, the door will move in the opposite direction to effectively prevent children or damage to the vehicle.

  • Smart Open Function

The driver can open or close the power tailgate by pressing the key of the tailgate, remote control key, or touch the foot-sensor to open the smart tailgate. This can avoid the inconvenience of holding too many objects to open the door, easy and fast to put the object into the vehicle.

Tips for Using the Power Tailgate

  1. Make sure that there is no sundries or rear wall in the opening range of the electric tailgate lift to prevent scratching of the rear door caused by opening the rear door without paying attention to obstacles.
  2. When the electric tailgate lift is abnormal, you should immediately stop using, and need to find the regular manufacturer for maintenance.
  3. When the electric tail door is completely closed, it will generally emit an alarm sound of “tick tick”. When you do not hear the closed alarm, do not start the vehicle to prevent accidents because the tail door is not closed tightly.

Tips for Selecting the Power Tailgate

  1. Find the regular manufacturers, because of the after-sales guarantee.
  2. Compare the product quality, after-sales service, cost performance three aspects by referencing the actual feedback from users or direct Google search.

Changyi Power Tailgate Shinning Points

  • Soft-close electric suction device

After closing the car door, the power suction will adsorb the lock to reduce the intensity, and ensure the tailgate closed entirely.

  • Controlled by the remote device

Convenient remote control help user open/close the liftgate easily, even their hands are busy.

  • Smart avoid pinch

While the power tailgate is closing, once it touches the obstacle, it will bounce back automatically or stop immediately, avoiding to hurt the user.

  • Memory function

The power liftgate can memorize the height, which is set by the user. The user can set the height by long press on the button, and next time, the rear door will stay at the default height automatically.

  • Sound alarm

When close or open the hands-free tailgate, it will ring out to remind the driver.

  • Foot-sensor function

Foot-sensor is one kind of smart trunk sensor system. Open/ close the trunk automatically by judging the amplitude, frequency and phase parameter of Doppler produced when the foot gets close and away from the sensor.

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