Other Things To Check In The Car Before Leaving On A Trip

Do you know what to check in the vehicle before embarking on a journey? Take good note, because here we discover the most critical points

In summer because of the heat, in winter because of the cold, or in spring and autumn because of the rains. Having the car always ready is compulsory all year round.

What’s more, if you’re going to do miles, you’ll still have to be more careful and careful. However, not all parts of the vehicle are equally important, although all require periodic protection and adjustment. Now, do you know what to check in the car before leaving on a trip? Take good note and of course, first of all, check if you have to renew your driver’s license (even if you’re using a rented car) to avoid getting an unpleasant surprise. Visit this site if you need to rent a car

Learn What To Check In The Car Before Leaving On A Trip

Do you know that if you take good care of your vehicle, with an express review of 15 minutes, can it be enough? So, if you usually have your car in good condition and care, with all the controls passed, in little more than a quarter of an hour you will know that it is perfect to start to burn asphalt and travel around the world. However, certain parts are necessary and always need a last look.

The Tires

Probably the wheels are the most important active safety elements of the vehicle. They are the contact of the car with the road, so they are essential. For this reason, you will have to carefully check the wear of the drawing and the air pressure. If they are not correct, do not you dare to do a kilometer more than it is the road to the workshop.

Regarding the drawing of the tire, check that it does not drop 1.6 millimeters deep, although it is recommended that it exceeds 2 millimeters. Use the classic 1 euro coin if available, and see that it covers the entire golden part of the edge. You can also use a gauge to be more accurate, or look at the witnesses or rubber hairs. Check that they do not protrude into the furrow.

As for pressure, when the tires are cold, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Observe that there are no bulges, cuts, or blows. If you are going to carry a lot of weight, add 200 grams, and remember that the spare wheel has an extra half kilo.

The Breaks

The brakes are another essential part that has to be perfect before going on a trip. It is considered the second active safety element in importance and requires a simple check that no metallic friction is felt when the pedal is depressed. If there is, it can be due to wear of the pads or lack of fluid.


Remember that the oil is responsible for cleaning and lubricating the engine. Without this fluid, the operation of the car is impossible. That is why you have to check that the level is optimal and that its status is correct.

To check the level, use the dipstick, insert it to the bottom of the tank, clean it with a cloth, and see if the stain is between the notches.

On the other hand, also check that you did not make the maximum kilometers of the manufacturer’s validity period or are close to being fulfilled. Otherwise, you will have to change the oil.