Opt Best Benefits of Coloured Concrete Driveway

The life cycle expense:

If you want to enjoy the benefit of an asphalt driveway, the lower upfront cost is a great advantage. When you need to consider your budget before going for it, it is a great decision to go with asphalt. The coloured concrete driveway always lasts longer, almost, 50-60 per cent longer as compared to asphalt. That way the upfront cost savings gets easily replaced by higher maintenance costs. The liquid binder might end up cracking, distorted or disintegrated due to great exposure to chemicals, UV radiation, and oxidation.

Curb and beauty appeal:

The light grey surfaces a curb appeal even though a lot of creative options exists. The homeowners who wish to have a dark surface can surely go for the coloured concrete driveway. A pleasing texture can also be added with stamped concrete surfaces and blend with the architectural design of the home. It gives a three dimensional highly textured look.

Reaction to the light and heat: Asphalt provides heat absorption and concrete provides heat reflectance. You need to decide which one you would prefer. Compared to the asphalt ones, the concrete pavements are cooler because they absorb less UV radiation. By walking barefoot on a hot day, you can feel the difference between the two. In winter asphalt is beneficial as it absorbs heat, but in the scorching summer you will end up having a hotter driveway. Since concrete is light reflected, lighting requirements are reduced. Asphalt absorbs a lot of light. It will require third more lighting compared to concrete as with concrete energy savings can be multiplied for years.

The capacity of load-bearing: Concrete can handle heavier loads as it is a non-flexible and rigid material. But asphalt might face rutting when trucks or heavy loads go over it. It can cause other damages too when a truck, RV or another form of vehicles drive into your property.

The expense of maintenance:

Concrete maintenance costs can be reduced when you use penetrating sealers and contraction joints. Clear sealers protect from moisture absorption and de-icers. Contraction joints do not allow concrete shrinks. The binders begin to dry out the day the asphalt drive is installed. Periodic seal coating is helpful to slow the process. Asphalt drive does not last for long, even if occasional resealing is done.

Characteristics of the Surface: Evaporative oils are released when the asphalt driveway is installed. It easily gets on the soles of the shoes. If the corrosive or the oily compound is on the asphalt driveway, the sticky oily material can get into your home or vehicle in your shoes. The concrete driveway does not have this type of dissolution.

The environmental considerations: The concrete driveway has a very low embodied energy cost. It is quite environment-friendly and less amount of energy is required to place and produce concrete. A hot mix asphalt requires a great deal of energy, at almost 200-250 degrees Fahrenheit. Seal coating also requires a lot of petroleum products and does require to seal coat it every 3-5 years.