Make use of the Towing service in case of Emergency

Towing service (บริการรถลาก, which is the term in Thai) is assistance on the roadside by any contractor or roadside service operator which does tow work. Many a time, our vehicle breaks down collides or met with an accident with the other vehicles. Then this particular service provider helps in towing the vehicle and bringing it back to the garage or destination place. However, the authorities should not disallow them on removing the vehicle on any legal ground.

There are certain things, which need to be evaluated while looking for the Slide car service (บริการรถสไลด์, term in Thai).

This Includes:

Any Time Assistance

You must have the contact detail of the towing service providers who are ready to assist almost any time of the day. A service provider can work only within the restricted hours of the day. However, by the possession of some certified license copies, even they can operate any time without any hindrance. So, the papers give them access and work for 24*7 and 365 days.

Insurance Papers

The towing truck owner must cover all the insurance risk of the tow trucks, his working employees, and vehicle or truck, which requires the towing service. This provides proof for insurance coverage of the customer vehicle. Moreover, even during the towing mechanism, it is considered necessary to carry all insurance documents in the towing truck every time.

Background Verification of Driver

It is important to check the background details of the vehicle driver. The driver must possess a clean record of not involving in any major offense like DWT, which is driving while intoxicated, etc. At the same time, they must not even bear any criminal offensive background.

A Towing service is always considered as one of the handy options, which help in saving an individual from the adverse situation. So, it is always recommended to have a contact number of all the roadside assistance service providers, which might help you during the time of emergency. Even the traffic police make use of these towing trucks to remove the vehicles during the accidental case. Now, if the vehicle is being parked at the restricted area or is involved in any crime scene, they will uplift the vehicle with their unique and latest techniques. So, the vehicle is carried to a destination place without any damage.