List of bad driving habits that are harmful to your car

Modern cars are resilient machines. They undergo extensive testing and re-engineering so they can run for years to come trouble-free. These vehicles are also equipped with sensors and safety systems to make driving a smoother, more pleasurable and of course, safer experience.

However, poor driving habits can have a telling effect on the lifespan of a car. Understanding common driving issues can help you check several habits that otherwise might not be the best news for your car. They can also be useful pointers to understand the previous owner’s driving habits if looking to buy used cars. It will help you understand how the used car you plan to purchase has been used and negotiate the price accordingly for potential wear and tear. A competitive price makes it a lot easier to secure a second hand car loan and reduce the used car loan EMI on the same.

If you own or intend to purchase any vehicle in the future, here are some common driving habits you’d do well to be wary of that can cause significant damage to your car:

Overloading the vehicle

A vehicle’s specifications clearly spell out the weight it can take. Consistently overloading it will have an adverse impact on the braking system, suspension, fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

Ignoring potholes and speed bumps

Potholes can be difficult to navigate across India. For your car to run well, it is essential to be mindful of a few things. Driving through potholes can crack the rims, causing lumping in the wheels that could further distort alignment. Similarly, not slowing down on a speed breaker can damage the underside and the exhaust system.

Resting your hand on the gearstick

It may look cool to rest your hand on the gearstick. However, the weight puts constant pressure on the selector fork that is supposed to make contact with the rotator collar only for a short period while changing gears. Unnecessary pressure will cause premature wearing of your gear system.

Late braking

Consistently hitting the brakes hard and fast will wear out the brake discs and pads a lot quicker. Not to mention, it is extremely risky to do so in heavy traffic.

Riding the clutch

By not letting your left foot off the clutch completely, you may end up applying unnecessary pressure, which will cause premature wearing down of the clutch plate. Additionally, this damage may not be covered under warranty.

In closing

These tips are invaluable to increase the longevity of your car and maintain its value. It is also recommended to get your vehicle periodically checked by a certified mechanic. Conversely, if you are looking to buy a pre-owned car, the mechanic will be able to give you a clear picture of how the car you plan to buy will perform. 

Once you are satisfied with the right vehicle, all you need to do is visit Tata Capital online for a hassle-free used car loan.

Meanwhile, be mindful of your driving habits and share the knowledge with your family and friends.

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