Lease a Car or Buy a Used Car

Ask a common man in India on what he intends to do with his first salary. The response would inevitably be “Buy a saree for mother and a car for the family”. The subtle beauty of those intentions carries forward and becomes a question should we “Lease a car” or “Buy a used one”?

The unequivocal response would be to go for a used car. That’s because there are advantages which experts in the field, such as CARS24.

CARS24 is not just a pioneer, but a leader in this space and has, over time, acquired tremendous expertise in this space. CARS24 is in the business of converting such dreams into reality. The rapid urbanization in the country but lack of last mile connectivity and overcrowded and overburdened public transportation has made owning a car a necessity. It is more of a need than a luxury.

Easy on the Wallet:

Let’s start with money, shall we? A used car obviously is cheaper than the new car. Now that the money part is taken care of, digging too deep into the pockets and making sacrifices is ruled out. By far, this is a great advantage for a car buyer who is vision oriented. Insurance payment is also low, based on the value of the asset. While this is not the advantage one can get from a leased car.  The insurance and other expenses are way too high and can hurt where it hurts the most –the wallet.

Low Depreciation:

A brand-new car is good if you have deep pockets. However, cars depreciate very fast. Car depreciation is a big talking point. But, by buying a used car, the entire issue is negated. The biggest hit of depreciation and high insurance cost has been borne by the previous owner.  Modern cars are built well and built to last.  When you buy a used car, it is a value-for-money proposition. 


A used car has been over a period of time tuned, adjusted, well oiled, remodeled and appropriately fitted with accessories. That’s an advantage a leased car cannot provide.  CARS24  thoroughly (140-checkpoint quality test) check all cars, refurbishes them at their own workshop before they put them up for sale.


Though a lot of modifications on a used car is not possible, the car comes with the modifications. Now that’s interesting. This makes it imperative that modifications would have been made to suit the needs of the car and the driver driving it by the previous owner. Even when you want to make modifications, the car comes with the groundwork and is not exactly a clean slate. Easy on the wallet again!

CARS24 is the place to go:

Value for money and converting you dream to own a good car into reality is what CARS24 does; they are not just pioneers, but the best in the business!