Learn the frequently asked questions about Forklift Battery

Forklift Battery is used often and has many benefits. You may have various query on it. Let us look at some FAQs on Forklift Battery for your understanding. 

  1. What is a forklift battery?

The forklift battery performs two major functions:

  • The first function is to provide a power source to the forklift.
  • Next it has to provide mass as a counterweight, which aids the forklift’s lifting capacity.

2)What does a forklift battery cost?

The average cost of a forklift battery is between $2,000 and $6,000 which depends on its specifications and size. Before selecting a battery always make sure to have answers to the questions below:

-What are the number of cells and vehicle voltage in the battery?

-Is there a requirement of EE or EX battery in the truck?

-What must be the compartment size of the truck?

Is there any cover in the truck compartment or does the battery require any cover?

-Which type of charging connector does the truck have?


3) How to buy the right forklift battery?

Instead of jumping into the answer it’s better to frame this question as, “how to avoid paying double for your forklift battery.” When buyers choose a cheap battery with no warranty as they don’t have the right information, they end up buying a second battery. After being cheated the buy the right one.

Before you buy a battery worth a thousand dollars or more, take a few moments to check on how to choose the right battery for your forklift. This could be done by listing the questions below.

*The lift truck can use up to what voltage?

*Battery compartment dimensions should be measured

*Find the battery’s amp-hour capacity.

*Minimum counterweight requirements must be confirmed

*Cable length, connector type, and cable position has to be checked

4)Should you buy a used forklift battery?

The average cost of used forklift battery comes between $1,500 to $3,500. A local material handling or battery dealer would have such batteries for selling. Even if they are used batteries still they go through rigorous testing and maintenance before being sold. It’s because it assures the battery to work at maximum capacity by being cleaned, equalized and filled with fresh acid.

5)Is a Lithium-Ion Forklift Battery Worth the Extra Expense?

To achieve results efficiency is crucial. This is the main aspect of the machine handling industry. If a company can find a way to do more in less time, they gain a competitive advantage. This depends as there are so many hours in a day. Lithium-ion forklift batteries provide a bit extra edge by reducing labor costs and improving productivity. This is applicable for some operations, especially food processing, 3PL and other multi-shift applications.

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