James Panos Announces Return of Ventus Racing Company

Today James Panos posted a message on once popular site, VentusRacing.com’s Instagram page, a black screen stating 2021. This has sparked many rumors of what this entails. The last posting on the page was September 5, 2019.

The most likely theory behind this post is that he will be attempting to rebrand and relaunch the website again sometime next year. But one thing a lot of people close to the young founder believe could be the year he announces a run for Congress in Illinois, something he’s toyed with in the past.

If there is a plan in the works to relaunch the site there is speculation on what that could look like. Does it come back with the same name? Will it still be an online store? It shut down at the beginning of its life and seemed to be poised for a long life expectancy online. There was so much left to be conquered from apparel, to Youtube, to brand deals that it never fully lived up to.

Yet, it still has a strong small following that could be just what it needs to make a comeback. Panos once said when building a brand on social media it’s not about the amount of followers, it’s about the right followers and that if they’re engaged it will result in shares and free advertising within their own social networks eventually growing into more.

The question is can this strategy work in what now is a beyond saturated market on the internet?