Is the 2020 GMC Canyon an Eager Transporter?

When we talk about pickup trucks, we are basically expecting an eager vehicle that will transport our goods, a friendly gear that will stretch its hand whenever we need our business to flourish. The current day pickup trucks are now a much more sophisticated than their counterparts that used to be running around a decade back. Though the list of such sophisticated pickup trucks is a long one, we can’t say, if all of them are equally eager to do your job at the drop of a hat. To test a few, we started with the 2020 edition of GMC Canyon as the name is too frequently heard by us. So, we visited our nearby Burnsville GMC dealer showroom and booked a test drive with full load at its cargo bed. And here we are sharing our experiences to help you decide, if it is the one you’re looking for.

At the First Glance

The 2020 GMC Canyon comes with a set of excellent virtues, and that is all regarding its eager performance in every sphere, be it driving on off roads, towing heavy goods, delivering smooth drives and rides.

In other words the 2020 edition of GMC Canyon is a no-nonsense, work oriented, mid-size pickup truck that will fulfill all your business transportation needs. It remains to be a good choice in the segment of pickup trucks especially for the small business group, in which it is faced with quite stiff competitions. At the first glance itself, you can measure that it is going to be a comfortable time inside its luxurious cabin that offers several options to make it more appealing, especially on its top trims.

Special Changes Done for 2020 Year Edition

For the 2020 year release, GMC has made few betterment for the series of Canyon, though a design upgrade is long due. But GMC’s reluctance in design change shows, that the manufacturer is too concerned about the inner changes to make it a better business companion with more utility value than a cosmetic one.

Even the changes done for the 2020 prove the same fact more strongly that include the introduction of an optional tailgate with power-locking feature, an alert when the tire fills to their optimum level of air pressure, by honking the horn, an updated touchscreen display of 8.0-inch for the infotainment section with optional navigation feature on the higher trims.

Range of Engine Power

The 2020 GMC Canyon is a mid-size truck that is made keeping in mind the necessities of mall businesses. Hence you get a 2.5-liter inline-4 engine at the base trim that can make 200 of horsepower, while the optional 3.6-liter V-6 engine can give you 108 more count of horsepower.  There is also a more expensive 2.8-liter turbodiesel option that makes tall torque to heighten the towing capacity to 7,700 pounds. For the entire 2020 lineup, GMC will give you a manual transmission to handle the power as standard, but you can also opt for an easy going 8-speed automatic one.

To sum up, if your business needs extreme off-road driving, none can beat the 2020 GMC Canyon in this respect, opined a user of the 2020 Canyon whom we met at the Burnsville GMC.