Is it worth to install the electric suction door?

Electric doors are a comfort feature in luxury cars and are only available at the top of most cars. With this feature, when the door is close to closing, it will automatically suction until it closes automatically. And ordinary doors to close, you need to throw a few dozen centimeters, with a considerable force to close smoothly.

The soft closing suction door not only make people close door  looks elegant, but also perfect for families with elderly and children.Because it can avoid family members closing the door with inappropriate force and repeatedly flinging the door closed, and also reduce the hidden danger of the door not closed properly.

The further installation for the electric suction door, it’s the change for putting the lock with electric magnet wire loop,when you open the car door,it can make the electric magnet,when it’s closed the door with closing position to the door trim,it will make automatic suction till to close the door.

Electric suction door installation is not difficult, just remove the door panel and replace the original lock block .Electric suction door in the latch contact point travel less than 8mm distance self-absorption. After the installation of electric suction door, in the case of the vehicle battery is not charged, will not pop open, can be manually closed as usual.

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