Interpreting Blind Spot Detection and Warning Systems 

Blind spots refer to the areas outside of the vehicle that a driver is not able to see. They may be caused by the passengers, window pillars, headrests, and various other objects. 

Special mirrors can help eliminate or minimize blind spots. The detection systems for blind spots utilize technology to provide a warning when a pedestrian, another automobile, or any huge object arrives at one of your blind spots. 

The Reasons for Blind Spots in Cars 

When you sit in your car, each part of the car that is not glass gives rise to a blind spot. In other words, vehicles with smaller rear-view windows have huge blind spots, vehicles with larger window pillars have bigger blind spots, and both passengers and cargo can also result in additional blind spots.

Blind spots are comparatively small close to a vehicle, but they cover bigger areas farther away.  A blind spot caused by an A-pillar can conceal huge objects such as pedestrians and cars. IMG-2992Another kind of automotive blind spot exists in the gap between the peripheral vision of the driver and the area that is reflected by the vehicle’s rear-view mirror. Such kind of blind spot can swallow up the whole vehicle. This is the reason why it is so unsafe to switch lanes without looking to your left and right.

The Role of Technology in Removing the Blind Spots

    • Mirrors play a vital role in helping eliminate the blind spots at the back of a driver, but they usually leave significant dead areas for both sides of an automobile.
    •  The utilization of a convex blind spot mirror may enable a driver to spot objects that fall under that kind of blind spot. However, such images are deformed and can result in difficulty in assessing distances. Installing a blind spot mirror in some jurisdictions is illegal.
    • Steelmate Blind spot identification systems utilize a wide range of cameras as well as sensors to provide a driver with details regarding objects that are beyond his range of vision. 

    • Cameras can assist in providing views from both sides of an automobile and permit a driver to check if his blind spot is clear. Rear-view cameras can also be helpful in parallel parking and backing up.
    • Steelmate traffic alert system is excellent at identifying traffic at your surroundings and warns you whenever the objects are closer to your vehicle. 

Therefore, when a blind spot identification system recognizes a pedestrian, large object, or vehicle arriving at a blind spot, they effectively alert the driver in a variety of ways. Several systems utilize an audible alert, and various others may exhibit a plain warning in the corner of the side mirror or rear-view mirror if there is an automobile in the blind spot.