Information about car covers

car covers

Our car covers are specially developed to optimally protect your car during storage both inside and outside. Although from the past our covers are mainly used for covering classics, more and more people are discovering the good qualities of our covers, also for modern cars.

Good quality: A car cover must be of good and solid quality, lightweight car covers quickly break through in a heavy rain shower, especially on the horizontal parts.  As a result, there is an undesirable accumulation of moisture directly under the cover. With a specific weight of 350 g / m2, the covers of are by far the best on the market, an absolute must for outdoor use.

Breathable: A car cover must be made of good breathable material so that evaporated condensation can escape again.  Fortunately, most people are aware of this nowadays (due to damage and damage) and they prefer to ignore the cheap, and not breathable covers.