Improve Your Honda Fuel-Efficiency in winter

Did you know cold weather affects fuel efficiency? Yes, cold weather causes your car to use more fuel. This is because the combined effects of various winter conditions can increase fuel consumption compared to summer driving. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that a decrease in temperature from 24°C to 7°C can increase fuel consumption in urban commutes by 12 to 28%. To reduce the impact of winter weather on your fuel consumption, hire the right Honda mechanic in San Antonio, TX and take your Honda in for winter auto maintenance.

Here are some tips to follow for boosting your gas mileage.

  1. Tighten Gas Cap

A properly-fitting gas cap will help prevent fuel from evaporating before you get the opportunity to use it.

  1. Use Accurate Fuel Grade for Your Vehicle

For Honda cars that use mid-grade or higher fuel, be sure that you adhere to that requirement with the help of a Honda automotive repair shop. If you ignore this requirement, your fuel-efficiency could worsen, and your engine could even suffer negative effects.

  1. Correct Motor Oil

Did you know heavier-weighted oil creates friction, causing your engine to work harder and ultimately decreasing your fuel-efficiency? Engines are designed to work with particular types of oil. Use only the recommended oil for your vehicle.

  1. Properly Inflate Your Tires

Driving on under-inflated tires is not only dangerous, but also reduces gas mileage. Did you know under-inflated tires can reduce gas mileage by 25%? This is because under-inflated tires require much more power to roll forward.

  1. Replace Spark Plugs

Change your spark plugs with the help of a Honda mechanic in San Antonio, TX to maintain peak performance and high gas mileage. This is because old and dirty spark plugs are liable to misfire and end up wasting significant amounts of fuel as the miles add up.

  1. Consider a New Air Filter

An air filter might not seem an important component to check and change regularly, but it is essential in maintaining your car’s performance. Replacing the air filter with a new one prevents your engine from burning more fuel as a means to compensate for the lack of air  and, in turn, increases fuel efficiency and improves acceleration, depending on your car make and model.

The Bottom Line

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