Importance of Car Covers for Your Cars

Buying the car cover is the best way to give protection to your car. As the car is an expensive investment, so it should be protected from the surroundings, dust, rain, trees, water etc. If you do not put your car under a cover then you have to get ready for paying the repair and painting expenses. Both these expenses can be avoided with the help of car covers. 

What are the dangers of not protecting your car? 

Tree breaches and garage clutter- 

Falling is highly dangerous and it becomes more dangerous when it falls on the car. Here, I am talking about the falling stone, falling dead bark of the free, edge of the ladder and any auto product on your car can cost you a lot. But if you will have a car cover then the everything will fall on it, not directly on the car. Though, a car cover cannot avoid the contact between falling objects and the car but it will act as a fusion between the car and falling things. So, the impact of falling things will be reduced and the car will be saved from any bigger damage.


The paint of the vehicle is highly susceptible to the water. If your car will come in contact with the water blemishes then it will come in contact with the existing scratches on the car. As the water penetrates the scratches, the paint will come out and your car will get faded from that particular area. On the other hand, car roof umbrella [ร่มหลังคารถ, which are the term in Thai] will protect the car from any kind of moisture and the colour of the car will remain intact. 


Most of the people do not give that much importance to the dust because they have a mind-set about the dust particles. They think that these tiny and minute dust particles cannot harm their car at all. But the reality is something else. The continuously dropping dust particles can stick to the car and will remove the paint and will also cause some scratches on your car. Car umbrella lanmodo [ร่มรถยนต์lanmodo, which are the term in Thai] will surely help to protect the car from the dust.