How To Rent Your Parking Space And Earn?

Money making opportunities are many. Property owners can rent out their house and earn a reliable income. But what if you rent out a portion of your property and earn a good income? That sounds amazing but true. In crowded cities like New York, Chicago, & Los Angeles, residents look out for parking spots and readily tend to pay a huge amount of dollars.  

Renting out a parking space can make you earn potential thousands of dollars. Drivers searching for reserved parking slots are always on a hunt to get a safe & secure place to park their vehicle. However, you need to decide on two main factors before renting out your space for reserve parking services.  

  • The location where you reside, and 
  • How much you should charge for parking service.    

How Car Parking App Helps In Renting Your Space?

Private Parking App manages thousands of car parking spaces and helps the property owners in commercializing their unused space. You can register your space online by providing details of the location, and images of the parking area to become a member. Depending on the availability of your parking space, drivers around your region can book them for their convenience.

There’re two main advantages of joining this service.  

  • Drivers can spot and book parking spaces easily.
  • You can earn for your space on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis  

Process To Rent Your Space For Car Parking

Drivers can book parking spaces only when they can view it on a mobile parking app. You can add the location of the space, parking space details and list it on Parkk App. It‘s that easy! Once your space gets published, the booking starts. You will receive a text message with the date, time slot and payment details. 

Let drivers search your space! It is time for you to park rental money in your pockets.