How To Keep Your Car Out of Mechanics Workshop

All car owners realize that regular car maintenance can never be overemphasized. So it’s always a good idea to take your car to the repair shop for regular maintenance by car professionals.  Doing this regularly will help you save money on your car in the long run and help you maximize your car use.  However, we don’t always want to spend money, this though doesn’t have to impact negatively on the car. There are certain maintenance tips you can carry out on your car by yourself. This will reduce the amount of time you have to come in for regular checks.

Know How To Change Your Car Fluids

Everyone knows about oil engine oil checks. After every 5,000 miles or so, you should change your oil, so as to keep your car engine and other moving parts thoroughly lubricated.  Apart from engine oil, there are other car fluids that still need to be checked.

So once a month you should check your wiper fluid level, check your transmission and also check your engine oil levels. If it is low, then you should top it up.  Your oil levels should not drop fast actually, if they do then it means something is wrong and it needs to be looked into ASAP. It might means there’s a leak somewhere or you’re using the wrong oil brand for your vehicle.

Your brake and transmission fluids should be checked once a year at least. When your transmission fluid is darker than pink colour or it’s getting, low, it might be time to drive into a car checking shop.

Take Care of Your Tyres

Your tyres uae are of utmost importance, they are your connection to the road. Inspect your tyres by yourself, If they are worn, then you need to change them. One brand we’ll recommend it Dunlop. Dunlop tyres price are not the cheapest in the market. They offer excellent quality though and they give you good value for money.

Check your tyre pressure regularly; there are home pressure gauges one can use. If your tyre is underinflated, top it up, and if it is overinflated reduce pressure. This will help your tyres last longer.  With this your tyres will be safer from blowouts.

Don’t forget to rotate your tyres after between 6,000 to 10,000 miles. Tyre wear out at different speeds, so rotating it will help the tyres stay better for longer, thereby helping your drive.

Wash and Cover Your Car

Weather elements such as ice, rain and others can affect your car exterior, especially when they have accumulated with a level of dirt on them. So you should regularly wash your car, depending on the usage. Doing this regularly, will prevent your car paint from chipping off or peeling off, essentially protecting your car from rust. Don’t use house hold washing fluids or powders for your car, they are too harsh. There are car washing fluids, they are milder on your car, this is what you should use.


It’s inevitable for your car to eventually need a visit to the mechanic. If you however follow the steps given above, you’ll dramatically reduce the number of times you’ll have to visit the mechanic.