How to choose the best portable fridge slides

When you have made the call and invested in a fridge for your next camping trip, your next step is to find the right portable fridge slides to keep it secure and easily accessible. Even though these fridges are more expensive to purchase than an esky, it’s one of the best investments you will ever make and one you will not regret.

Camping fridges have multiple uses and don’t need to be left in your caravan or camping trailer in between trips. With the right portable fridge slides, you can quickly remove the fridge and use it at home in the garage to keep your drinks cold or even put it in the back of your 4WD for day trips. Since they are powered by a 12-volt battery (some can also use mains power and LPG), you can use them in a variety of different situations, making your investment even more workable.

Accessibility of these fridges is important however, but you can’t buy the right portable fridge slides until you know the specs of your fridge. Once you know this information, you can purchase and install your fridge slides, making sure your fridge fits correctly. So what specs will determine the fridge slides you need?

Size of your portable fridge

There are a variety of different sizes available and the one you choose will depend on your needs. If you just want to use a fridge for a day trip and it’s yourself and a friend, then a 25L or a 35L size should keep your lunch and drinks cool. A 40L fridge is great for one person for a week, but only for a long weekend if there are two of you on the trip.

When you increase the size to 50L, it’s good for a family of four for a long weekend and a couple for a week-long trip. A 60L fridge is good for a family of four for a week, and anything bigger is perfect for a family of six or more. Always remember however, that the larger the fridge, the more it weighs, so you might need to select a smaller size fridge, simply due to the weight restrictions of your vehicle. 

Power source of your portable fridge

If you want to run your fridge from multiple power sources, you will need to consider the best position within your vehicle for your fridge. This position and the accessibility of your fridge will dictate the type of portable fridge slides you need. 

If you select a two-way fridge, it runs on a 12-volt battery or mains power; a three-way fridge also runs on LPG. Two-way fridges are great all-rounders and can be plugged into the mains power at powered camp sites. Three-way fridges don’t work as efficiently as two-way fridges, but they come into their own when you are free camping or camping in remote areas where you need to rely heavily on LPG for power. 

Purchasing your portable fridge slides

Once you have the specs for your camping fridge, you can purchase portable fridge slides in standard sizes that will fit most fridges. For larger fridges or those that use multiple power sources, you can buy sideways extending fridge slides, and drop and tilt slides, either of which make it easier to hook up and access larger fridges that use different power sources.